Journal #1 Understanding my Artwork and Learning to speak Japanese.

Last week. I was working on my next pages for my comic (click here for previous post) I regularly visited the library to do drafting and drawings. I am experimenting my visual narrative language in comics. I wanted to see different approaches in the drawing style. I experimented with watercolour and ink. I think it turn out really well with watercolour but I think the lines of the brush stroke is much more stronger. So  for the next pages may be done only in line drawing instead. Some artist like to keep the drawing simple and be effective in the composition.

I beginning to realised that my artwork do not need colours, I think the drawings tells a lot through its line quality. There is so much expression and energy in the line I create by scribbles, gesture mark and hatching lines. I want to explore these area of mark making with ink and brush. I can keep the colour simple, only adding a hint of colour. There is no art law saying you have to complete a drawing by adding colours or filling the page. Most contemporary artist now explore different aspect of drawings, challenges the meaning of “what is drawing”. I guess that why I like contemporary drawings, it is about being unique  in your visual language (style of approach) in drawing.

Ink drawing for comic Lance, 2015 by Rebekah Joseph
Ink drawing for comic Lance, 2015 by Rebekah Joseph
Learning a new Language

As well as working on my drawing for my comics pages, I have been learning to speak Japanese. I have being learning Japanese since October.  I felt very bored after I graduated from university. I needed to do something completely different. I always want to learn a language when I was a child. I tried to learn Spanish, but I failed in class because I could not keep up with the work and I felt very uncomfortable learning Spanish in a school environment. School or classroom really put me off learning, I learn much faster by self-taught.

I enjoy learning by myself, I can fully enjoy, take my time learning bit by bit. I wanted to learn Japanese because I really like their culture, anime/ Manga, Kimono, Tea ceremony, JPOP music (the list can go on) I hope to visit Japan in the future.

Japanese is a very different language system and it did took me a month to get use to the language and pronunciations. I would not say I pass intermediate level yet but I really want to talk to someone to help me with Japanese.

I joined a social language site and to connect to native speakers and to hopefully make friends.

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