New Year 2016, Recovering on the January Month

Happy New Year 2016!!

I am glad it is the new year, it feel like a new chapter in my life.

My christmas holiday was jolly and enjoyable. i had lots of chocolate and mince pies. Also I enjoyed drinking Wine or Rum. I only drink in special occasionally like holidays or birthdays.

Christmas holiday is over, I feel I am in a daze. I don’t know what my next plans are going to be. I keep over sleeping till afternoon and find it difficult to operate. I really want to get back to routine but all that eating unhealthy food and drinking has made me unwell. It could take me a week to detox and get use to eating normal healthy foods. I am drinking lot of white tea called Silver Needle (Chinese tea). This white tea has a high level Antioxidants which helps the body fight off free-radicals.

My Teddy bear wearing a knitted hat. Made with Repix (, 2015
My Teddy bear wearing a knitted hat.
Made with Repix (, 2015

Tuesday I am going to the library to resume back to drawings in my sketchbook. The walk to my local library be good excise for me. (it normally take me 10 minutes walk to the library from home)

But getting back to routine will take a while for me. I am still stuck in bed recovering for the christmas and January is a miserable month for some people. I honestly want to sleep all day until I until i feel refreshed.

I am continue in my Japanese language studies and continue recalling Japanese words. I discover more re-sources language learning on Podcast. I subscribe to a few Japanese learning podcasts that will be very help my listening skill while I am relaxing.

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