Gloomy January

January is such a gloomy month. I am slowly get back to routine in my daily life. It has become very cold and raining lot in London. My body honestly want to stay in bed until spring!

I have done some drawings on my sketchbook. I did a doodle of a little female character. She is also drawn on christmas illustration and i wanted to explore more aspect of this character. She is cute! I plan to continue making cards with this character for special or non special occasion.  I think my other illustrations could be sold as cards.

january sketchbook: doodling a character. 2016 by Rebekah.j
january sketchbook: doodling a character. 2016 by Rebekah.j

I continue to make progress with my Japanese learning. I made a few contact with Japanese native speakers through Facebook messaged or but i stay in contact with one Japanese person and we become language buddy. I learnt much more with a native language partner and encourage me to keep up with my Japanese language learning.

I am doing this without any course or class, only by researching an effectively and gathering a lot of resource from free Japanese learning online site and YouTube. I also listen to JPop music on Spotify and watch Japanese films without subtitle.

Lastly I might join a martial arts class next month. I thought about martial arts last year. The reason is I wanted to build my self-confident  (my self-confidence is very low) and fitness level. It will be very practical for in life saving situations in self-defence. I got nothing to do these day apart from doing creative activity and I am getting very bored at home. I researched my local area for martial arts class and i found two good class that I could join.

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