February Blog, Caught a Cold

February Blog, Caught a cold

I wanted to get back into drawing again. I have been very tired, ill and sluggish since Christmas. I hardly go out, the weather has been cold and wet in the Uk.

However I was watching anime called JewelPets. It is a super cute animation, a very heart warming. It also has a very good story line. It was from my Youtube recommendation that I started to watch it. I did made me feel in the mood to draw again. It reminded me of the good time when I was a kid. Anime has inspired me to take drawing seriously. But as i gone through higher education in art, I slowly lost the my enthusiasm in drawing and manga.

I should be pro-active with myself, I want to get back into swing of creative work and be more healthy.

I recently drawn the six page of Lance (see post) I focused drawing the comic from scratch. My intentions was to draw the comic as authentic with the ink and brush. I think it look really good. I am beginning to develop a niche of style. I will continue drawing comic by this method, drawing with brush really feel natural to me.

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