May Journal #2

This month I started on a new sketchbook for daily drawings. I used a few drawing reference books for ideas and exercise. I mainly at home these day so I often draw my home environment. Aside from artwork, I am have been meditating and eating healthy. I regular exercise and do 10,000 step twice a week. I feel much better than a few months ago, the meditations and exercise really helped my anxiety.

Watercolour more

I have also been practicing watercolour painting more often. I am building confidence using colours and techniques. Watercolouring is a very interesting medium, easy to use but hard to master. I really like using watercolour, it keep me relaxed and definitely helps me de-stress for out the day.

learning Japanese

I am getting better in my Japanese learning. Learning new words/ phrases bit by bit, taking my time learning the language. I don’t want to rush and stress myself getting to fluency. It should be fun and to keep the brain stimulated. I want to look for a good language learning book with a CD.
Finding a good Japanese learning book is very hard to find. I search around at bookstore and online to find a book with a audio CD. But most these books are very complicated for me especially for someone is dyslexia. The only methods the really me learn Japanese efficiently is through Minecraft. I name item, animals blocks, colour in Japanese. I have the site open to get the right spelling. It is sooooo much fun to learn Japanese while playing Minecraft, I can associate easily, visually with Japanese words.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 19.37.22
Screenshot in Minecraft 2016
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