June Journal: Planning my Trip to Japan



Quick iPad sketch 06-06-2016, Rebekah Joseph
Quick iPad sketch 06-06-2016, Rebekah Joseph

This month I am planning my trip to Tokyo, Japan. I have already researched flights to Tokyo and hotels.

The reason I want to go to Tokyo because Tokyo is a traditional and modern city. It is full of everything I love, the food, art, Anime/Manga, culture and people. Plus it is a good opportunity to for me to speak Japanese.

Last weekend I was playing a new game called OSU. It is a music rhythm click game played on the computer. It is very addicting and I really enjoyed. Must of the music genre are JPop, electronic, punk or rock with manga/ anime artwork background. The main objective in OSU is to follow the circles and click to the beat. I discovered OSU on twitch.com.

This week, I was exercising and doing weight training. I am gaining the benefits of fitness and stamina. Also I feel much better mentally, it set me well throughout the day and helps me get a good night sleep. I do my exercise routine in the morning before breakfast, four times a week.

Wellbeing is very important to me too. I’m reading a self-help book “I can make you Happy” by Paul McKenna because I felt very moody and stressed for a long time. This book has some useful tips and strategies to make you feel much happier. I had tried some of the exercises and it has help me feel better. It is a nice read, not to complex to understand. I almost finished reading the book. It came with a CD attached.

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