Love Harajuku Fashion

Love Harajuku Fashions

One thing I will do in Tokyo, is visit Harajuku. The town is know for its unique fashion style and costplay. I would bring my pens and sketchbook and draw people on the street wearing unique styles. has photos of young Japanese people expressing themselves with creative clothing. It feel such a cool place to be, If I was living in Japan i would be express myself with clothing. I do not have to confidents to be creative in London. In Japan they sen to embrace the creativity with clothing.

I have been looking at Japanese street fashions for years and always get my fashion inspiration. It would be great if could be an illustrator or blogger in Japan. I almost got a job opportunity from agent but it was not the right time. Plus I needed to have a very good level in Japanese first before adventuring in Japan.

When illustrating Harajuku people’s fashion, I try to capture the essence of their character. This week I focusing on drafting Harajuku fashions to prepare for water colouring.

I will create a project post will all the Japanese illustration


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