Heat Wave!

During the weekend, I was chilling out, doing the garden and house work. The weather is getting warmer 27’C-30’C. I really like it when the weather get very hot. It does not happen often in Britain, so I make the most of it by spending more time outdoors to absorb Vitamin D from the sun. I used this opportunity of good summer weather to read old book or manga comics. 
I found a new love for gardening, Before I never liked gardening because it is very labour intensive. Now I have the time and energy to do the garden work. I found a flow and zone through gardening. The insects do not bother me. I felt a connection and calmness with nature. 
Yesterday was the hottest day, 33’C temperature. I went for a casual walk in my neighbourhood and to my local library. I want to go back into reading this summer. To spend time reading outdoor in the heat. However the weather does drain a lot of energy, it was very difficult to do simple task such as cooking, cleaning or moving during a heat wave. London is more hotter because of the air pollution. It made me wish I could go back to the Caribbean to really relax and swim in there gorgeous beach. 
Thursday I am going shopping in Kingston for more watercolour supplies such as paints, paper and brushes. 

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