Twitch Sub Emote Commission Are Now OPEN

Sub emote Commission 2017

Twitch Sub Emote Commission

until 4th December 2017

Hey guys commission are now open for Twitch Sub Emotes for your Twitch Subscription . 


£5 per 1 Sub emote ($6USD)

£10 for 2 Sub emote ($12 USD)

£15 for 3 Sub Emote ($16 USD)

£20 for 4 Sub Emote ($21 USD)

£25 for 5 Sub Emote ($26 USD)

Payment is PayPal Only!

Payments must be paid upfront first before I agree to take on the commission.


If you are a viewer on twitch you can pay directly on the donation page. ( plans note on the donation comment “for sub Emote commission)

I will not refund during and after when the work is completed!

However If any circumstances I do not complete the drawings by a week after I have agree to work  on your drawings commission, I will refunded you your money back.

How long will it take?

It normally will take me 1- 3 drays to complete the drawings

Will you show me your progress?

Yes i will keep in contact with you and I will send you a low resolution draft drawing (with Watermarks) during working on the commission for you to add or suggestion before I progress to the final stage of drawing. I will also upload my progress on art Animo or on Instagram.

How do I contact You?

Send me a direct message on Twitch, Discord, Instagram or Twitter

Send image reference  i.e photos or your own drawing ( note: I will not draw other artist artwork, only if is Fan art from an anime/ TV / Film)

Write a short paragraph description of your character it will help me understand more

i will send you a direct Link or request on PayPal. very easy payment!

Then I will start working the Emotes

The complete drawing will be delivered to you digitally via email or in high resolution JPG with 3 of the Pix sizes that is recommended for twitch emotes.

I may want to upload the complete drawings on my website and other social media for promotion.

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