It’s not just “Art Style”

Recently I have been watching YouTube on “art style” How to find your art style. They are many different theories.

Its not wrongs to say Art Style. But I like to use other art term than saying “art style”.

To me it sounds some sort of quest for starting artist has to achieve in order become an established artist.

It mainly comes down to you own influences, technique, personal perspective and how your own visual communication that will to piece together your true “artist expression”

Take time!

It take time to develop yourself as a artist and will continue to develop as you practice drawing.

As you learn the basic skills in drawing/painting, new idea, methods and mediums will come to you naturally.

It could take years to develop!

When you are starting out drawing you may not have a style yet, that’s ok be don’t be discouraged eventually your own unique language will start to show in your artwork.

All you need is to understand yourself, re fine your skills and have a good judgement on what work visually or not.

Don’t not create art styles you think people would want.

Stick to things that had an real impression on you and that you really relates to. For example manga had a huge impression on me as a child. I had vivid memories of watching Sakura Card Capture, Pokemon and Street fighter.

I was fascinated by the anime characters and the way they are drawn. I thought the anime was highly skill drawings as a young child. Watching anime made me feel happy. It brought joy to me when going through difficult times.

My artwork is very much a Manga style. I focused creating manga character. I feel that my true authentic artist expression and style manga illustrations. I always stuck to manga and motivated me to take up art.

I was encouraged to move away from manga and anime during higher education. I was told by tutors that manga would not be taking seriously. So my manga work has been kept secret until I graduated.

This same experience could apply to the art style that had an impression on you. There could be something there. Don’t change it for what the mass want.

Don’t feel pressure to be the technical good.

I tried to be technically very accurate, realistic in my artwork. but everyone told me there’s no character. Then I change my focus on being creative rather than to be realistic. Most of my best work were the expressional artwork.

You may feel you have to be technically good but that only is one part. If you are technically good that great but does not make your artwork engaging enough.

It’s good to have quirks in your artwork that make it fun, engaging and entertaining to view. This will make your artwork more authentic and diffident from the others. Focus on the core basic art skills such as anatomy, lighting, lines, colour, shapes and mark-making.

Try different way of drawing

Try out different exercise; the continues line drawing; gestural drawing; no peaking; tonal. There hundred of drawings exercise to explore. Regularly do them as a warm up in your sketchbook less than 10 minutes.

Keep an mind open and look at different art genres.

Watch art documentaries, read art theories books or visits art Exhibitions if is contemporary, fine arts, surrealism or photography. Broaden your horizons and have a better understanding of art in general.

This is when art education can be very benefit because i art education they make you explore the different flide in art. Plus you have tons of art resources in art school.

But always keep yourself open to different art genres, you might see something which can be be included in your art style

Have fun!

Have fun, laughs and smile at your artwork. I like to laugh at my work sometimes.

Have good critics not bad critics

Not the bad critics who say something does not work visual well and has nothing to else to say on how you can move on.

A good critic will not leave you hanging and can give good advice on the weak point and strong point in your work. a good critic will try to understand what you are try to tell visually. They can become art mentors to you, help you guide to your true artistic expression.

It’s a delicate situation for a starting artist who might be young or not technically Good. But a good rule is to take everyone’s opinion a “Pitch of a salt”

It is ok to copy seriously

A student learns from copying, it a way of learning and understanding how to drawing/painting is created.

It only very serious if that person is benefiting from your artwork. But that’s a whole new topic, that I could write about in the futures

So don’t worry to much about copying when you trying to get better in you drawing.

Stick art medium you feel right with your artwork

Try out pens, pencils, paint, marker pen or digital software. Pick one or a few material you that suite your art style. Some artist love the feel of using copic marker pens or blue point pen. It could be two art material. For example I use mostly pens, watercolour and digital software.

A medium can have a huge impact on how the drawing will look, especially with colour!

Colour give a mood or theme to the drawing. Black and white drawing can only give an mood depending on how it is drawn with tonal value, shade and texture.

Colour pencil will give the drawing appear a soft, textural. A marker pen will give a bold, intense colouring. Ink is very permanent, bold, fluid or etched depending on how you use Ink. watercolour is a transparent and watery.

The material alone will determine how the work will be executed.

Digital Vs Traditional

There nothing wrong with using digital software. If you enjoy then stick to it. BUT! Is Important to develop basic traditional techniques first.

I use both digital and traditional. I always done both traditional and digital artwork for years over 11 years back in my teen, I look at a digital art fantasy magazine and was amazed what you can create on computer.

Digital painting requires a lot of skills and follow the same principal as you will do in by in traditional painting.

If your are starting out on digital art. Remember to follow the same principal as in traditional.


I could write more on how to find your art style, it may be a helpful guide to you when you feel stuck on developing yourself as an artist.

I can understand why YouTube artist find it hard to explained how to develop a art style because they are art theories, not objective answers. But you can watch YouTube videos to get different perspective on art style and see which one that you find most helpful. This is my own theories into art style. I could write more, but i don’t want to write an essay on it.

If you have any more suggestions leave a comment or contact on social media.

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