Do you play in your daily life? What says “playtime” to you?


Playtime to me is basically having fun time whatever is fun to you.

I normally play daily after doing housework or artwork. I like to be practical during the week with art projects.

I mostly stay at home, play games on my computer or on Nintendo DS. I like to be online streaming my gameplay on Twitch. I’m more open and sociable with games. It helps me get out of my shell and loosen me up.

I liked going to game nights when I was at university. They had a SuperSmash Bro tournament. It was very everyone and fun and it was easier to socialise. I would like go there again to a SuperSmash Bro tournament. (I always pick Kirby)

On twitch I mainly stream Cuphead or Paladins on a weekend. The weekend is only time I get to have real playtime.

I don’t hardly go out for a drink. I don’t like shopping, it too stressful. I don’t like going to clubs either.

I consider reading as my “playtime” (specially reading manga, Yaoi *cough cough*)

It be great if I joined a BL book group where we all share our favourite stories and BL couples.

Christmas is the time I spend most my time “playing“, I hardly want to do anything related to work. It the time I am most creative. I like to create Christmas cards, knit or felting.

Recently I brought load of felting materials to make small animals.

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