Hans x Dom – villager love – Animal crossing FanFiction – first Draft

I started to wrote my animal crossing FanFiction. This is the first chapter I drafted out. I was going to create a PDF file but it must easier to just publish the draft on my website. I think Dom and Has are cute together. I already drew the villagers in human form (check out my Animal Crossing Fan-art post)

It becoming a strange obsession. I hope you like the first draft. I written it with bullet points to help me structure my writing. Also I might create a manga of this story too.

A New Villager

My name is Dom. I live in Pepe Island for six months. I get on pretty well with my neighbours and Jessica too (the small human). Jessica is a fun character that loves to take picture of us and make us to odd things like singing all the time. But it still great, I’m having a blast! The fresh air, the salt sea is what gets me motive and power up. I train outdoors. exercising outdoors in the best. I train mostly everyday expect Saturday (I need my break duh)

• But anyway, things have change. Well I change.

• A new villager has moved in two days ago. His name is Hans, at first he was big, had large muscle underneath his shirt top. He look well groomed and had a charming smile. Jessica just briefly introduce him to me. She didn’t seem too pleased. But I think it great to have someone new. It was also strange. My heart was pounding, not from exercise or running around, just flatter when I meet him. His voice was deep like velvet. He smell good too.

What it this! I just meet him. What is wrong with me! Snap out of it Dom!

• It took Hans a day to settle in his house. I noticed he had a lot of ski sets. Does he like to go skiing in the Alps, that’s cool. He must be really rich.

• I watched him by a tree while Hans load his last box in his house. I am was about to approach him. Monique the cat out of nowhere starting talking to him

• “Well you must be the new villager” she snarl. Twitsting his hair.

• “Yes, I’m..”

• “Yes I know who you are darling, you don’t have to be very formal with your introduction”

• Hans blinked.

• “I am Monique the great actress! I be your neighbour. I see you almost finished with you packing. Ahh is that ski set?”

• “Yes I like to skiing a lot”

• “Ohhhhhh how exotic, you must be rich”

• “Well…” Han rubbed his neck nervously.

• “Well if you need anything Hans, come to my home and bask in the Glory of my home and hospitality.” She flicked her hair and twist with such arrogant. I can’t stand this cat! Who does she think she is!

• “Well thank you” he bowed politely and then she left. Monique Is the only villager I had most disagreements with, making fun of my hair, my taste and eyes. (What wrong with my eyes anyway? I don’t understand why she still here)

• The sun was setting, I left Hans without been able to talk to him. It was ruine by Monique, that cat! Next time I’ll be pumped to meet him.

The evening

• Supper was great, had me energised and wanting to exercise outdoors again. Even though it late. Spiders could lurk about this time of the night but I don’t care! I need to get rid off this excess energy. I when outside and head to the beach. The night feel warm and cosy. The moon light the dart shining sky. I did push ups and press ups. After that I stop and glazed out into the Ocean, thinking about Hans.

• I wonder what he’s up to at this time.

• I submerge myself into my daydream. I hear soft steps headin towards my doeectionI turn and found Hans standing above me. I gasp. He waved his hand

• “Oh my apologies for starting you, your Dom right”

• “Ohh yes, that me” I laugh nervously, my hearts was banging against my chest. I stood up a dust the sand off my trouser. He was tall, had wide shoulder and board chest. Does he work out?

• “Are you settle with you home Hans”

• “Yes, all my stuff is here, I’m now officially a the resident. Pepe has beautiful landscapes. The villager are nice. I’m glade Jessica ask me to move in.”

• “I’m pleased your settle”

• Hans smile. His smile was so warm, like cosy wool.

• “I watched you doing some exercises”

• What he watched me, I felt my face become warm.

• “Oh, I like to workout, a lot. Gonna keep my pics bigs” I flex my arms. I still felt a little Embarrassed.

• “Ah excellent, I appreciate a man who take good Care of himself.” He emailed then paused, staring staring at me.

• “You have the most beautiful eyes”

What did he just say

• “Oh don’t worry it a compliment. They are really lovely”

• “Mmm thank you”

• “Anyway it getting late. Toon Nook told me to be careful of tarantula at this time of night, time to head to bed, goodnight Dom”

• “Goodnight”

• he turned and started walking away. He stop and turn his head.

• “Why don’t you come to house tomorrow afternoon, I could show you my ski set”

• My heart stop when he winked at me.

• “Umm sure what time?”

• “3pm”

• he left. I’m alone again, my chest pounding. It was like a dream. Did he invited me to his house?

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