Virtual BL Convention Coming Soon- Fujo Con

Conventions might be cancelled but there alway a way to bring fans from around the world together and have fun!

BL Gardens decided to host a online BL convention called Fujo Con. To give BL fans an opportunity to meet, get involve and have fun. I used to go to Comic Con in London and Hyper Japan Festival. I mainly go on my own. Walking around, taking photos and chatting to artist. But Since COVID-19, all social events has been cancelled.

I discovered BL Gardens on Twitter. I like to get involved in the BL/Yaoi community. I was so excited to that here that there will be a Online BL convention. I been following Fujo Con on twitter for a while and been keeping up to data with their announcements and updates.

I like the idea of a virtual convention especially for those who can’t go. I’m a home person. Sometimes going out is very stressful. I have to plan a lot before I go out and save up money. so I welcome the idea of a virtual convention, it free and make it very comfortable. Perhaps this is the new way of doing convention. But I think is great for people who live abroad and want to be part of the BL community.

Fujo have major companies sponsoring the event such as RightStuff, Futekiya and Funimation.

I alway wanted to go to Yaoi Con but I live abroad. So this event might be an interesting experience and a one time opportunity. It free and very quick to register.

They will have artist, costplaying, guest panel, fan meets up, gaming and much more.

To attend, you need Twitch, Discord and Zoom (all free to download). I might have to use both my computer and iPad.

The event start from Friday 10th July 5:30pm CDT (11:30 GMT) till Monday 13th. Over 18 , registrations Is FREE!

I definitely will be attending Fujo Con (and my SquareFox will be there too). it will be a great opportunity to meet up and chat.

I’m really looking forward to attend. I will keep reminding everyone to join. The more the better. I wish everyone could attend and make this Fujo Con a success.

Visit the Fujo Con website:

Twitter @fujocon

Instagram @blgardendfw

BL Gardens have there own BL podcast called The 8OH1 that you can listen to online on Spotify, iTunes or SimpleCast. You should check it out and also check out their website. They recently upload thier lastest podcast at explaining more detail about the Fujo Con listen to the episode on Spotify here

BL Gardens website:

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