BL Manga Review: Uemura is a Good Boy by Megane

Naughty Bois

Uemura is a Good Boy is extremely smutty and good. I like characters who have a double side. Uemura is a very respectable student but on his own, Uemura has a naughty secret. He love to masturbate. He can’t help it. He feel slightly guilty of his self pleasuring past times.

But his classmate Matsuoka caught Uemura jerking off to a pair of panties. Matsuoka found him sexy and ask him if he can have sex with him. Since then the two boys have been at it like rabbits. Both Matsuoka and Uemura develop feeling for each other overtime and they eventually become lovers. The storyline is simple. There not much drama which I like. I sometimes just want a simple story of cute boys having fun. Uemura and Matsuoka are sweet characters. I love Uemura orgasm expression.

The drawings are cute. There a lot of sound effects and gestures on the bedroom scene.

I really enjoy reading Uemura. It has become one of my most read. It’s fun, cute and smutty. I would really recommend reading Uemura is a Good Boy if you like Sempai and Kouhai relationship.

4.5 stars

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