BL Manga Review: Man of Tango by Tetuzoh Okadaya

The Passion

It has been a while since I did a BL manga review. But I wanted to write about Man of Tango and why I believe is a really good manga to read. This manga is Bara sub-genre. As it based on mature male relationship, older men, masculine features and more adult themes. It took me by surprise how much I grew to enjoy reading Man of Tango. (I wish I could find more Bara titles to read)

The Story

Angie is a professional Tango dancer and performs in clubs with his dance partner Bene. Angie has one night stands with male strangers. The sex is great but Angie doesn’t feel satisfied. He longs for a deep connection for someone. That changed when he meets Hiro. There was an instant connection between both men. 

Angie invited Hiro a drink at his home. After a few drinks, both men become comfortable with each other. Hiro talks and opens up about his tragic childhood past. There a beautiful moment when Angie comforts Hiro after Hiro told Angie about his harsh childhood. The child inside Hiro began to heal from all the pain. Then Hiro opens his body to Angie. Then Both Hiro and Angie did had sex. When Hiro Woke up the next day and he realised that he slept with Angie. 

Hiro regretted his drunken one night stand with Angie. however, he cannot get Angie out of his mind. Even when he has sex with some else, he can stop thinking about Angie. his feelings for Angie grows stronger but not sure if its real. So Hiro meets Angie again to clear up the confusion. But Angie confesses his feelings. Then it became all clear that Hiro has fallen in love with Angie.

I really love this manga. it a realistic and touching story. I instantly connected with the characters and really felt sorry for Hiro. Angie was so loving and tender to Hiro. 

The bedroom scene are very sexy. not too over the top but done right. The art style is solid and distinctive. 

This manga is similar to 10 Dance (another boy love story) with the ball dance theme but I personally like Man of Tango the more than 10 Dance.

Highly recommend adding Man of Tango to your BL collection. It’s solid characters and sensual drawings.

You can buy The Man of Tango on Amazon  or Book Depository  (Print Only)

5 stars

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