I started my very Own Podcast, Now available to listen on Spotify

I’m doing my own podcast show called “It’s a Yaoi recipe”. Now available to listen on Spotify.

I wanted to start my podcast show but didn’t know-how. It was only recently I know-how to set up a podcast. I discovered a website and app called Anchor. Very easy to use. I can set up my podcast very fast. Recording my episode was very easy. I can record on my Ipad or on Computer.
I have a notebook with me to write down notes. I find doing my podcast fun. in the future, I will consider buying a proper mic. My podcast will be 15 mins approx long. I don’t want my episode to be too long.

Why Am I doing a podcast anyway?
Well, I always wanted my interests in Yaoi/BL mangas. It was a way for me to connect and express my thought.
I did have a YouTube channel, sharing and talking about Yaoi manga but it was too hard. A lot of working on editing, recordings my video at the right time. Takes ages to upload on YouTube. There’s a lot of rules on YouTube too. Plus I feel very camera shy.
Doing this podcast is better for me. I feel more comfortable talking behind a mic rather than being on video. I discovered how easy it is to set up and record. I have more load Yaoi manga topics I would like to talk about. Reviewing each manga I have read. Maybe talk about other manga genres as well.

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