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Irodori comic and All these doujinshi mentioned are 18+ for mature viewers, not for minors.

I brought three Yaoi R18 Doujinshi on Irodori Comics site. Irodori just recently launched their new site a couple month ago. to kick start Irodori site, they did were Christmas sale on selective doujinshi hentai. Irodori have a Irodori Sakura label which is the BL/Yuri genre doujinshi section.

Irodori had the Christmas sale for BL titles too and I took the opportunity to buy BL doujinshi (digital copies) for very cheap price. $7 (£5). I never own a Doujinshi manga. I know you can found doujinshi manga online but I want to buy from a legitimate site and support the artist. Normally most of Irodori comic are sold on FAKKU site. That how I discovered Irodori. I also them follow them on Twitter ‎@irodoricomics.
All the doujinshi are uncensored content, R18 material. Graphic part will be censored if it was published in Japan.

Doujinshi is a term referring to Japanese amateur self-published works typically in the form of manga and novels targeting consumers outside of the professionally-published market. It should be a familiar term if you actively consume fandom-related media, as a lot of doujinshi works are also transformative fanworks of an already existing series.

Irodori also have another site called Irodori Lite which has doujinshi mangas for all ages. And they have some BL/Yuri/LGBTQ titles too that you might want check out. Theses manga are very short read. Under 100 pages long, some are like 40 pages long.

*同人* (doujin): “same person,” refers to a group of people with shared interests.
*誌* (shi): short for 雑誌 (zasshi), which means magazine.
Put these together and you get:
Doujinshi (*同人誌*)
: a self published magazine or publication that caters to a specific group of people.

If you want more information about Doujinshi
Read Futekiya blog :

My Teacher’s, My Lover by Uten Ameka

In the name of science, Professor Shiimoto “extracts” semen from his assistant Hazuki and they form a sexual relationship. Hazuki’s unsure of their friends-with-benefits arrangement, but once again, he’s seduced by the professor after he gets drunk…

Very smutty, raunchy read. In the first few pages, you be shocked to Hazuki’s thick cock. And Nagiza is licking the playing Hazuki’s penis. I like how exaggerated the downstair department are drawn, I love how there is no restrain in drawing the private parts in hentai comic.

I’m guilty myself of drawing thick downstairs department or large breast in my artwork. So I shouldn’t be shocked. The drawing are nice, clean. I like how the professor is draw, he look very cute. I like the characters expression, especially when the professor climax/orgasm face. Both men agree to take put in this sexually activity. There are some great sexy bedroom scene, great lewd expression and angles. Great sound effects. that I personally enjoyed reading. I think this artist did really well on this Yaoi hentai. It has everything I like in a good smutty hentai Yaoi manga.

We Dating by Hanawa

Riku catches the unwanted attention of Kai, the class delinquent. Due to a strange misunderstanding, they somehow end up dating!

There is no penetration in this story. But it’s a cute and fluffy “opposites attract” story.  It a very cute story. I personally enjoyed read it. If you like high school romance then you won’t be disappointed with this story, it short and sweet. I like the drawing style too. Very nicely draw style. Has a cute unique style. Even it very short, it is very entertaining. This artist did very well.

Puppy Play With Papa by Maemuki na Doemu

Inubo’s a hardworking dad doing his best to make his son proud, but he makes constant blunders at his job and his timid personality leads to him getting walked all over. When his boss puts the pressure on him to make a big sale with a client, Inubo’s associate – a steely-eyed, cutthroat salesman named Nekoyanagi – wants to find out just how far he’s willing to go to close a deal. 

I thought it would be a cute, raunchy naughty story just from judging the illustrations cover and the character look happy to be in a dog collar. But it was little questionable, a non consent theme. It’s ok. I felt uncomfortable reading Puppy Play With Papa. For me personally. I felt Inubo is been dragged on and been used a lot. Sorta been forced into the sexual activity. however the drawing are cute, had some good expression. it is extremely erotic read.

I’m looking forward to reading more Irodori Sakura doujinshi manga labels. Irodori Comics is gonna be my new favourite site. You should check it out. It is an 18 site. Theses manga are for 18 + mature readers. Not for anyone underage.
Also check out Irodori Lite site has doujinshi for all ages.

if you have any recommendation on Doujinshi, you can contact me on Twitter @reebeksart or email me:

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