BL Review: DEMON BF | OSPHRESIOLAGNIA | For The One whom I adore | Irodori Comic BL Doujinshi | Episode 22

Irodori comic and All these doujinshi mentioned are 18+ for mature viewers, not for anyone under 18.

Since I did a review on BL Doujinshi on episode 19, I bought more Doujinshi from Irodori Comic site. Last episode 19, I explained what Irodori comic is and about Doujinshi work. I reviewed three BL Doujinshi manga. My Teacher, My Lover | We Dating | Puppy Play With Papa. Since then I bought 6 more new Doujinshi. I bought Three BL and the other are three other hentai genre. I really enjoying browsing, buying and reading Doujinshi manga from Irodori.

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Osphresiolagnia by Tsukumo Go

Tsukumo Japanese manga artist who specializes in BL. This Doujinshi is about Fujita who get turned on by his friend oder.

Fujita is caught red-handed with his nose in the boxer shorts of his best buddy (to be fair, they were right out there in the open!) and ends up having to come clean about an embarrassing secret.

Olfactophilia or osmolagnia is a paraphilia for, or sexual arousal by, smells and odors emanating from the body, especially the sexual areas.[1] Sigmund Freud used the term osphresiolagnia in reference to pleasure caused by odors.[2]

Source: Wikipedia,to%20pleasure%20caused%20by%20odors.

Osphresiolagnia in reference to pleasure caused by odors.[2]
Very short, only 15 pages longs. The drawings are good. Great lewd expression.

For The One whom I Adore by Tsukumo Go

Teacher and student love affair. A complicated erotic affair between a strict instructor and his unruly student!
Basically a young man comes in the office or see the teacher and straight away they both started making love. It very smutty, very lewd most of the sex scene.

Demon BF by Naop

It so fun to read. I had a lot of fun reading Demon BF

Tsutomu gets fed-up at his job and uses a grimoire he found online to summon a demon! Anything he desires is his – money, power, revenge, even true love – but as soon as he lays eyes on Kracht, the only thing he wants is the horned, pointy-tailed beefcake in front of him!

This Doujinshi is so well done very well. it very raunchy. Funny and ultra smutty. Great bedroom action and expression. The masculine anatomy is very good. I iked how Kracht is ripped and big. visually eye catching. It a macho, Bara style drawing. The characters are drawn very masculine. The downstairs department is Massive! It like eating a thick meaty beef burrito. I really want more after reading this. I hope that there more from Doujinshi from this artist. One of my fav Doujinshi so far. I love reading it over and over again.

I am having alots of fun reading and buying Doujinshi manga from Irodori Comic . I didn’t expect to buy more Doujinshi works within a week. I would like to buy more in the future. I’m waiting for new BL Doujinshi to be released on Irodori. Reading Doujinshi has given me some inspiration for my own manga, I like the fact they are short and straight to the point. It a way that a artist can explore and be creative. A lot of mangaka artist still do doujinshi work or most of them start off doing doujinshi. If I was in living in Japan, I would be drawing doujinshi 100% and buying tones of manga/Doujin. My room would be overload with books.

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