Newly Manga I recently got | New R18 Doujinshi Manga from Irodori | February manga Episode 30

I finally got some new manga. Even the manga I couldn’t get last month January. It does take a while for the books to dispatch, roughly over a week but I was so happy when they arrived. It felt a longtime since I got any physical manga. I even got Wild Wild Wildlife and Cain: Mr Rain both published by Kuma. I have done a review on other Kuma manga (you should listen if you are interested.
I hoping next month March I be able to get some new Sublime manga. I actually gonna per order them soon.

Listen to my podcast for the full review.

Manga I bought:

Sasaki and Miyano, Vol. 1 By Syou Harusono

Canis : Dear Mr. Rain By Zakk

Wild Wild Wildlife By Hyougo Kijima

Tamamo-chan’s a Fox! Vol. 1 By Yuuki Ray

Nichijou Vol 1 and 3 by Keiichi Arawi

Cherry Magic! Thirty Years Of Virginity Can Make You A Wizard?! Vol1 By Yuu Toyota

R18 Doujinshi I bought:

Irodori Comic had a valentines sale ( both Irodori Lite and Irodori Comic site) during 14 -23 February, they had a sale on a selection of Vanilla tag Doujinshi. They were very cheap starting from 0.99 to $5. I bought so many because of the bargain I can get and to grow my Doujinshi collection. There were two BL Doujinshi for sale ‘My Teacher’s, My Lover’ and ‘we Dating’ which I already bought and reviewed them on my podcast. I actually bought some of BL Doujinshi manga from Irodori Comics.

I’ll mention a few I bought:

  • Shinobu’s Divorcee Body – Living Together by Yoshu Ohepe
  • The Oni and the Fresh Peach by Nemu
  • Recharge by Disciplining the Newbie Succubus Maid by Yanyo
  • The Tanuki’s Lover by Nemu
  • Nurse Chiyo’s Crazy for Tanuki by Nemu
  • I LOVE YOU SO, MASTER! (Series) by Sorono

I do have my favourite such as:

  • FUTANARI MILK CHALLENGE 1 and 2 by Kiyose Kaoru
  • Demon BF by Naop

I got 29 Doujinshi hentai manga so far. I am thinking of buying maybe 1 or 2 Doujinshi. Will see. But I really enjoying reading Doujinshi. And some are really good! There some serious good artwork and storytelling.

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