Cherry Magic! Thirty Years Of Virginity Can Make You A Wizard?! | Drama and Manga By Yuu Toyota | Episode 33

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I talk about Cherry a magic in my podcast so many time. I watched the drama before I got the manga. I only got 1 volume. But from what I read it very much true to the drama.
I watched the drama series on Crunchyroll. I really enjoyed it. Watching the drama has convinced me to buy the manga. So I tried to get a manga volumes. But it wasn’t available until wordey had it on stock. so I took the opportunity to buy it.

The physical manga is high quality. It’ slightly larger than regular manga.

I just notice it’s published by Square Enix Manga. I heard of Sqaure Enix as a game developer company. I seen the company name on major games like Kingdom of Hearts/ Final Fantasy.
I absolutely love the manga as well. The drawing are so good and reading it on a upscale make the drawings stand out.
I love the awkward, sweet, relationship that both Adachi and Kurosawa have. I keep reading it over and over again. It such a good read relaxing read.

The only criticism is that it rated mature, but has no explicit content. So I don’t know how they rate the age for the this manga. I think it over 16 not an 18. this manga nothing explicit.

The drama is so good. I don’t normally watch drama. But I heard it was good and it was available to watch on Crunchyroll. The casting, the acting performance is good. There was so much emotion, so much suspense. I squeal so much when the two main character all most kiss. I literally couldn’t hold my screams.

I highly recommend reading the manga as well as watching the drama series. I can understand why popular manga. I wished I got it sooner.

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