Wild, Wild Wildlife by Hyougo Kijima Episode 31

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I bought Wild Wild Wildlife by Hyougo Kijima. I bought this manga because It was newly published and released by Kuma. I really like Kuma BL manga, the publication is high quality. I become a fan when I read Can An Otaku like Me really be An Idol and Melting Lover. I love the quality production and the paper quality.
This manga a non con (aka not consent). Especially the first two chapters but the drawing are good. nice hunky drawn men.

I try hard to get wild wildlife. I tried getting it on Amazon but it got cancelled. It was out of stock in Book Depository then it was made available a few week later. So I try again to buy it and it came though. I felt so happy. It been hard getting the satisfaction of new book when they are out of stock.

When I saw the manga online, I though it would be a very smutty manga like Sakira manga’a or Ikuyasu (Hammered and Pounded). Beautiful Masculine men, very erotic, raunchy storyline. There was another manga work I though was similar which was The Secret Case Files of the Cafe April by Hyogo Kijima (that has Non con content too). Non Con are typical in Yaoi. But not all BL/Yaoi, you will find there is a lot of range of themes and more better storyline that is relatable, romantic and beautifully drawn. I seen sometimes in hentai that has a romantIc theme. Erotica can be romantic too. erotica is under the romance genre.

However Wild Wild Wildlife wasn’t too bad. it alright is you enjoy raunchy stories. I personally like reading raunchy erotic stories.

Wild wildlife is an anthology, a series of different stories in one book. The manga artist is explore different scenario.

Vive La Vivre chapter was shocking me because there are young boys that look like children and it creep me out. I started to question the artist and myself for reading it. Even though they are androids doll. It was still uncomfortable that they are too child like. They are boy lollies. I have heard of lollies from watching the Anime Man on YouTube, explained about Lollies. I read it though, trying to understand what the story is about but I still don’t get it. The rest of the short stories are fun to read. I thought Corpes Survival and Takamaru Charm!! was interesting.

I would recommend this manga to someone who like reading Teach Me, Tutor , Hammered and Pounded, The Secret Case Files of the Cafe April.

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