INITIATION by Tsukumo Go | Irodori Comic BL Doujinshi | Epsiode 37

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A latest Irodori Sakura BL Doujinshi titles. Irodori has released another Tsukumo Go titles this month called INITIATION. I really like this artist BL Doujinshi work, both OSPHRESIOLAGNIA and For The One whom I adore. They are good! Highly recommended reading them. I already did an review of OSPHRESIOLAGNIA and For The One whom I adore in episode 22.

DEMON BF | OSPHRESIOLAGNIA | For The One whom I adore | Irodori Comic BL Doujinshi | Episode 22

A quaint mountain village holds a clandestine ritual for those reaching maturity. Youta is a new participant who’s just come of age, yet can’t seem to get a straight answer from the village elders about what the mysterious festival entails. What trials will he have to face to prove his manhood?

I found INITIATION an interesting story. it was an ok read. Not the sort of story I would personally read but I like Tuskumo Go work, so i thought to give it a read. It a Group sex story. A secret controversial festival, of young men coming of age. It did leave me questioning about this story, why did Youta participant in this festival? What happened to him afterwards. Will he return? So many question. The artwork is very well drawn. there a lot of sex action. the sexual expression on the character are great! I personally grown to like this artist and I hope to see more titles from Tsukumo Go.

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