I Started to Buy BL Manga from Japan!

Yes, that right! I started on buying collecting Japanese manga straight from Japan. I bought my manga from a site called CD Japan. I discovered CD Japan on social media. 

I have never ordered items from overseas. however, the customs law has changed in the UK (more information about custom tax and Duty please visit the Gov website https://www.gov.uk/goods-sent-from-abroad/tax-and-duty)

So I took the chance. being a first time customer on CD Japan. so far I am very impressed by the shipping, delivery and how well they package the books. My books arrived in perfect condition! 

I bought 6 BL manga:

  • Sugar Dog Life by Yoriko シュガードッグライフ
  • I don’t understand Fucking Cuties by OWAL 理解不能クソキューティ
  • It Starts from the Inside by Atami Michinoku はじまりはナカから
  • Hammered and Pounded by Ikuyasu ガチイキ挑発ナイト
  • Tutor Me, Please by Sakira 教えてカテキョ♥
  • Uemura is a Good Boy by Megane 上村くんは真面目ないい子。
  • Undead Puppy by Sakishita Senmu アンデッドパピー

I am very happy I could buy Japanese manga. I always wanted to go to Japan and buy manga. now I feel confident just to order them online. The manga was very cheap ¥680 (£4.00 approx) so the total (include shipping cost) cost was reasonably priced. 

I will be continuing to buy Japanese BL manga. They are great sources for learning Japanese and having fun. It will also motivate me to study Japanese more seriously. My goal is to able to read Japanese fluently. I can pick up new vocabulary while reading.

I have done a podcast episode talking about my shopping experiences with CD Japan (episode 51). I will do more podcast episode talking more about the manga I bought from Japan. 

CD Japan is now my new shopping site for buying manga. I very looking forward to buying more from CD Japan!

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