My Latest BL Japanese Manga Haul | June 2021

Latest BL Japanese Manga Haul | June 2021

Last month in June, I bought more BL manga from CD Japan. I have mentioned my latest BL haul in my podcast. I have changed my shopping habits to buying most of my manga directly from Japan. All my manga arrived in excellent condition. I feel I have more choices of manga to buy. In the UK market, manga are limited and there is not much range to buy. That is why I choose to buy manga from Japan because I can discover new gem manga that may not ever get an English publication. I absolutely love Sakishita Senmu works and has become my new favourite manga artist.

Since then CD Japan contacted me and asked me to write an article of BL recommendations to buy at CD Japan. I felt honoured and happy to write this article for CD Japan. I highly recommend you to read the article as a guid on which BL manga to buy. CD Japan has excellent customer support.  Along with the article, I did an episode podcast ‘Where and Why I choose CD Japan to Buy BL Manga’ 

Read the Article on CD Japan

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