Manga Spending Budget This Year | Less active on Twitter | Being productive in My Arts and Craft

The last year 2021, I spend a lot of manga from Japan since the discovery of cd Japan. The manga is very cheap in Japan (600-700¥) £4 equivalent, but the shipping price was most all the money went lol.

I had spent over a least over £1k on manga alone. I didn’t tally the whole budget. I don’t keep a log of my spending. This year I feel, I can make better decisions on what I want to spend. And not get totally influenced.

But this year, I don’t feel this need to buy any more print copies unless I really like the author or the manga. In fact, I want to buy manga more often on Renta ebook site, this will save me money and it is convenient. It is very straightforward to buy manga on Renta. I most pay with points. I also felt guilty for using up rescues of getting my manga fly across the world by plane, not very eco. So I tend to do less buying and be mindful of what I spend.

I have been less active on social media. Twitter was my main social media platform that I did a lot of interaction. It was really good! I found a lot of information and be part of a BL community, but recently I felt I was overstimulated and too bombarded by the drama, the opinions and being over political. It also was less counter-productive, I was comparing myself to other artists, I feel I had to match the standards or trend of what is popular. This I felt, wasn’t been authentic with my manga installations. Since being off Twitter, the creative mojo has come back! I care less and had more mental freedom on what I wanted to create. I had more focus too on my Japanese studies. And enjoyed my art and crafts even more. It was a mental detox.

screenshot of my WIP 2022

I try to come back to twitter fully but it didn’t feel important to me anymore.

I think discord Is still useful for the podcast and to share my latest manga reads.

I have resumed back in knitting. I haven’t knitted anything for a long time, even years. Just didn’t have the inspiration nor the energy to do so. Away from the distraction from Twitter (social media), I got back into my knitting craft again, which I really missed. I love knitting, it is like a meditation, I go into a state of a still mind. Knitting has kept my hands busy and focused. That alone helped with my anxiety, keeping me calm and focused on the task. So I ordered a new high-quality yarn, with that I’m planning to knit a sweater. I have knitted a baby size sweater but not a full adult size one. I have chosen the nicest yarn.

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