I read Japanese Prints BL More Often Than English Print | Re-reading my Favourite Manga

I am currently re-reading my favourite BL manga. I often like to chill, relax, do a bit of knitting then read some manga from my collection. I am fascinated with the stories and the Japanese prints with the obi belt and the beautiful cover jackets. It feels like a proper book. As I said in my written article for CD Japan, I wanted to discover more unknown BL manga from Japan. Not much BL manga gets published and interpreted for the western market.

Since the discovery of CD Japan and how to order from abroad, I found some Interesting, Rare jams of BL Manga that I knew will unlikely be published in English.
I like re-reading my manga, that is the whole goal. Is to enjoy what I have. I am starting to slowly understand some of the stories now I’m dedicating my time to studying Japanese kanji/radicals.
It is very fun reading in a different language and I finally started to recognise the characters and the words in Japanese. It makes learning Japanese even more engaging. Plus the added bonus of reading genres you like.

Small fact: I have bought 47 BL manga from CD Japan and Amazon JP 6 BL Manga, plus 1 from eBay from 2021-2022. So in Total is 54 Manga I bought directly from Japan. ✌🏼✨

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