BL Review: A Break From Japan 日本を休もう by Senko Tohmiya | Episode 106

Nippon wo Yasumou
Artist: Senko Tohmiya

Publisher: TOSUISHA Co.,Ltd. 冬水社 1994

read on Futekiya:

I have been interested to read this manga since it was announced and be licenced on Futekiya. It’s definitely an old school shounen Ai / boy love story. The style is classic shoujo drawing, with the Stylelied drawing. The male character with long chin feature and a long frame. This manga was published in 1994, so there might be outdated stuff or an outdated theme.

It simple story, not too fussy. It actually was an engaging read. It’s very well written. The storyline was simple and good. The art style was as it time (classic Shoujo style) but it was visually enjoyable. A good balance of panel and use of pages suited the drawings. It is not technically a brilliant drawing, In fact, the drawings are basic but it has it charms, it had character. It is authentic.

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