BL Review: SWEET: His Sweet, Sweet Taste SWEET~彼の甘い甘い味~ by Haruka Minami | Episode 104

Publisher: Libre Inc. リブレ 2007

Read on Futekiya:

This was the only manga I have read this week on Futekiya. I have mainly been reading mangas on Rent (a Japanese site)

This manga reminded me of the older BL manga Shoune Ai manga. And most of the stories are very questionable. The style is of classic shoujo style. The Uke is very feminine drawn, passive, submissive and the Seme is dominant and masculine. A classic example is Junjo Romantica and Love Stage.

The story was very fast pace. The characters just meet (not much time for the character to form a relationship) and they are already in bed. There was nothing much of a plot to the story apart if a lot of bedroom scenes. it’s basically a very erotic BL story.

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