ATTRACTION: Gentlemen’s Agreement

A Taste

Canary Wharf, London

Oliver strolled through the corridor, holding is reported paper. He Hopes his Boss, Adrien approves this document that he worked hard all morning. Before he knocked on the door, He straightens his tie and dusted the fluff off his shoulder. 
“Come in” 
Oliver entered. His boss has his phone on his ear, swearing, cursing loud, pacing frantically across the room. whoever is on the other side is in serious trouble. Oliver hopes he is not dead meat. He approached his boss desk cautiously and waited. A few moments later, Adrien, hang up, lowered his phone in frustration. He took a deep breath, then his green emerald eyes flicked on him. 
“Evening sir, is everything alright?”
“Yes, thank you, I was just talking to Matt about the investment”
“Did he do something wrong?”
“Yes! he’s a complete idiot. Anyway do you have the reports?” he asked. Olver hand over the report to him. he shuffled the paperwork briefly.
“Excellent” He set the report casually on his desk, he tone and face relaxed. He smiled, pleased that his boss approves the report. 
Adrien stared at him “Can I ask you a question”
“Of course”
“It’s sound strange, but hear me out, are you interested in BDSM?”

He narrowed at him “Why?”
“Just curious” Adrien leaned forward, his lips curled up into a smirk. he lifted up and step forward. Oliver’s hearts began to fluttered against his chest, his throat felt tight all sudden. Rubbing the back of his neck, he tries to search for an answer.

“Is it some kind of kinky sex, like you see in porn” 
“Yes” he chuckled. “you see. In my previous relationship, my partner and I didn’t get along well. we naturally moved on” he moved closer. he tall frame overcast him.
“I’m interested in you, Oliver”
He flinched “What?
Adrien trails a figure along his lips gently. a flicker of flame flutter in his stomach. 
“That’s flattering sir, but you’re my boss, it would seem..”
“Imagine if I wasn’t you’re boss, Will you still be attracted to me?” he muttered, glaring at him. Oliver remained in silence. He admits, he is attracted to his Boss. he was so thrilled to work with the brilliant Adrien and Stella INC company. Adrien fascinates him, the way he conducts, his tall frame and handsome features. he would consider going out with him if he asks. But he was his boss and has a lot of respect. he kept the relationship strictly professional, a line he doesn’t want to cross. he suppresses is feeling towards him for years. Only now he giving him the opportunity. Did he knew, all this time he was attracted to him?

“I can tell” his eyes drop. “because you’re getting turned on”
Heat flushed on his face. his cock betrayed him. it bulged underneath his trouser. He was hard. Adrien pressed against him. He can feel the heat coming off him and his powerful muscles flexing and relaxing underneath the dark blue suit. 
“You body say it all” he purred. he dipped his head, closing the gap. his lips brushing, smoothing over his, warm breath tickled his skin. They kissed slow, then escalated into a full streamy passionated kiss. Their tongues glide, nibble and sucked. Oliver yelped as he felt a hand squeezed his testicles, making his groan. he clinging tight on Adrien’s dark hair. Locked in a tight embrace. Adrien threw him onto the desk. Not breaking the contact, his mouth remained on him. He rocked and grind against him. sinking deeper and deeper, his cock throbbed painfully inside his trouser. Edging closer to climax.

Adrien pecked along his neck, then lowered south to his groin. His hand moved quickly unzipping his trousers and pulling out his swallowed cock.
“What are you doing?” he gasped
“Giving you a taste” he muttered. He stroked the length of him, per cum leaked along on the tip. he leaned in licking off the cum and polishing the fat head until it was shiny. his tongue and lips stroked along the base. Oliver quivered in arousal as his boss masterfully service his cock. sending a rippling wave of orgasm. He was about to burst!
“I..I gonna come”
“Then come” Adrien grunted and once he coated his cock, he took him in. 
“Fuck!” he cried. 
Adrien warm mouth encircled his entire cock. he slid him further inside. he hallowed his check increasing the tension. His mouth sliding his cock in and out in a rhythmic motion. Yes, that’s it! his mouth feels so fucking amazing. fuck me hard!
Oliver buckled up and thrust his hip. he maintained this motion for a while Adrien milked him. Suddenly thick semen erupted. Adrien face tensed and he made a grunting noise. He could feel jaw muscles flexing and sucking harder, swallowing the seamen. He threw his head back, roaring in ecstasy. emptying every last drop. A few moments later, Adrien slide put out, white creamy fluid dripping along his jaw
“Delicious” he purred, he licked off the creamy fluid off his bottom lip. he stared down at him in delight. Oliver laid still, panting heavily. He rosed up slowly, tucked his cock back inside his trunks and raked his hair back. Adrien stood beside him, move got closer to his ear. 
“Well Oliver?” he probed.
“I’ll do it”
“Good. Meet me outside Greenwich North Station tonight at 8 pm. Don’t be late.”

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