Han x Dom – Villager Love

Chapter 1: A New Villager

My name is Dom. I live in Pepe Island for six months. I get on pretty well with my neighbours and Jessica too (the small human). Jessica is a fun character that loves to take pictures of us and make us odd things like singing all the time. But it still great, I’m having a blast! The fresh air, the salt sea is what gets me motive and power up. I train outdoors. exercising outdoors in the best. I train mostly every day except Wednesdays  (I need my break duh)

But anyway, things have changed. Well, I change.

A new villager has moved in two days ago. His name is Hans, at first, he was big, had large muscle underneath his shirt top. He looks well-groomed and had a charming smile. Jessica just briefly introduces him to me. She didn’t seem too pleased. But I think it great to have someone new. It was also strange. My heart was pounding, not from exercise or running around, just flatter when I meet him. His voice was deep like velvet. He smells good too.

What it this! I just meet him. What is wrong with me! Snap out of it Dom!

It took Hans a day to settle in his house. I noticed he had a lot of ski sets. Does he like to go skiing in the Alps, that’s cool. He must be really rich.

 I watched him by a tree while Hans load his last box in his house. I am was about to approach him. Monique the cat out of nowhere starting talking to him

“Well you must be the new villager” she snarl. Twisting his hair.

“Yes, I’m..”

“Yes I know who you are darling, you don’t have to be very formal with your introduction”

Hans blinked.

“I am Monique the great actress! I be your neighbour. I see you almost finished with you packing. Ahh is that ski set?”

“Yes I like to skiing a lot”

“Ohhhhhh how exotic, you must be rich”

“Well…” Han rubbed his neck nervously.

“Well if you need anything Hans, come to my home and bask in the Glory of my home and hospitality.” She flicked her hair and twist with such arrogant. I can’t stand this cat! Who does she think she is!

“Well thank you” he bowed politely and then she left. Monique Is the only villager I had most disagreements with, making fun of my hair, my taste and eyes. (What wrong with my eyes anyway? I don’t understand why she still here)

The sun was setting, I left Hans without being able to talk to him. It was ruined by Monique, that cat! Next time I’ll be pumped to meet him.

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