Midnight Lust: Alucard X Sebastian

What will you Do?


The mansion is quite. Everyone is asleep except Sebastian.

After bidding Master Cel goodnight. Sebastian did his final of polishing and organising silverware. He had done the cleaning and dusting.

Suddenly a sharp cold chill ran through his body. Sebastian stopped and turned to scan the room. There was nobody here. But he can scene a powerful presence with him. An intruder in the mansion? He pauses, waiting for the intruder to reveal himself.

However, this dark presence became stronger.

An overwhelming presence, paralysing his body. He couldn’t move. All he could do is wait.

A dark low laugh echo from the shadows. Sebastian focused steadily on the shadow. Then a figure emerged. A tall, lean male wearing a long red victorian coat. He grinned wickedly at him. His blazing red eye staring at him.

Sebastian gasped at the sight of this gentleman.

“Who are you?” he asked.

The stranger chuckled darkly, “I think you know already, Sebastian”

That voice!

The memories are coming back. When he was in London a year ago. He remembers now who he is.

he bows “Pleasure to meet you again Alucard”

Alucard step forward.

“Why are you here?

“Why? because you are a subject of interest Sebastian” he edge closer. His tall frame tower over him. The dark essence awakens his scene. It entices him.

Alucard’s cold, hard thumb rubbed across his bottom lip.

“what will you do? why don’t show me who you really are Sebastian Michaelis?” Alucard Snarled, his blood lust eye glows, piercing into Sebastian soul. his large hands tighten around his neck, demanding him to answer.

“well,” Sebastian paused. “I will pleasure you in any way you like”

“Interesting” Alucard purred.

“Such obedient butler” his cold Sharp breath blow on Sebastian’s face. Their lips lightly brush. Alucard mouth widens into a wicked grin. The intense dark power radiating through his body. So dominating and dangerous. Just the way he likes it. He wants him to fuck him hard! The desire blazed down to his sin.

“Perhaps another time you will show me your true power perhaps I can toy with you. Yes that will be fun”

Sebastian smiled “I’ll do anything Master”

“Good” Alucard drawback, loaning his grip. “I want you to get on your hand and knee and clean my boots. With your tongue” he ordered. once released his neck, he gasps for air. Sebastian took a moment before he lowered down to the floor. He looked up at Alucard looking down on him.

“Do it!” He ordered

Sebastian bent forward and pulled out his tongue. He gave the first lick along with his leather books. gliding from the tip of his boot and up.

“make sure is clean properly”

Sebastian worked hard polishing until the leather boots were shiny then Alucard ordered him to stop. Sebastian looked up at him with his tongue sticking out. he saw ALucard’s eye gleam redder and his grin reached from ear to ear, chuckling darkly to himself.

“Oh this is gonna be fun”

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