Yaoi Erotica Flash Fiction

Say you want it: Nurse Jo and Max

Nurse Jo moans as Max slip his warm down to his groin, gripping that sipping cock. Begging for release. Max stroking the base up to the fat tip. A small amount of per cum drips along the shaft. 
“You Love it don’t you, Jo. You love me stroking you like that”

“SAY YOU WANT DADDY’S COCK” Max growled as he figures and stretched jo from the inside. Jo clenches his muscles he was on edge close to coming. All he wants right now is Max thick, hard cock inside him.

“Say you want it”
Without hesitation Max slammed his cock inside Jo opening, pounding inside like a madman, the friction was just right, he took him like a big boy. 
Jo cried and cried when he climaxed. His cock erupted with a thick load of creamy cum. Max slip out, bent over to lick off his cum with his tongue. 
“You taste so good” Max. chuckled.

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