Yaoi Erotica Flash Fiction

Say you want it: Nurse Jo and Max #3

“Bend over” 

Max step behind jo pressing his cock between his ass. Jo can feel his cock grow and shrink. he rubs against it loving the sensation but Ma stopped him.

“no no don’t” he grabbed his wrist and push flat against the wall “don’t move” he ordered. Max adjusted Jo hip up, arch his back so his ass was in prime view. he warm firm hands rubbed between his ass, sticking around the opening. then moved underneath cupping his ball. Jo moans and quivered as Max massaged him. he moaned and hissed. his cock twitch and strained painfully underneath his tight trunk. becoming harder and hard like a rod. he desperately wants to touch himself but he reminded still nd obey Max. He allowed Max to take control of his pleasure. he didn’t want to spoil the moment. 

Max Chunkled “you have been a Good Boy” he reaches future under, finally touching his throbbing cock. his figures press between the tip of his cock. per cum sipping through the material onto his hands. 

“Oh Fuck,” Jo cried. Max loves to torture him

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