Yaoi Erotica Flash Fiction

Cream on Top: CatBoy and Leon

How to get his master attention. He scanned around and noticed a can of whipped cream on the surface. He grinned and took the can of whip cream. He pulled a down grasped out his cock (already hard) holding it upright. His master turns and blinked in surprise. Now he got his master attention. He places the nozzles on the tip and sprayed the cream, coating the head. Catboy let out a hiss as the cool cream spread over his hot flesh. 
Leon smirked “You naughty boy, you wanted to me to lick you off” 
“Yes, please Master” Catboy moaned. Leon took a single cherry and place it on the tip. He took a moment to visually feast on Catboy’s cock coated with whip cream with a cherry on top. Catboy stared at him, his cock began to pulse. He leaned back on the surface, waiting for him. Loen licked his lips before his bent down nibbles the cream coated cock. He licked a tiny bit of cream. The tip of his tongue slides up along the shaft to the top. 
“Feel so good” Catboy gasp. He watched his master through narrow eyelids. Leon ate the cherry and took him fully. He draws Catboy inside and milking his slowly, prolonging the pleasure. 
Catboy shut his eyes and bent his head “Oh yea feel so good, I love it!” 

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