Yaoi Erotica Flash Fiction

At Nurse Jo Office Nurse: Jo and Max #4

At nurse Jo office. Max is lying down on the bed. His ankles sprained from a nasty fall. Jo got to work, wrapping the bandage around his ankle and placing a pillow underneath his ankle. 

“Are you gonna be alright getting home?” Jo asked
“Yes I will thanks”
“I’ll arrange someone to give you a ride home” As jo turned, Max caught his wrist.
“I don’t want to leave yet” 
Jo blinked.
“I want to stay just a little longer. How about you we have some fun” he smirked. Jo face heated up. He was conflicted was two decisions, to send Max home or to play with him. They are alone, everyone has gone home but he ankle it strained. Jo stared at Max’s handsome face and his cock began to twitch. 
Perhaps it will make him feel better to he pleased him. he locked the door and return to Max. Standing right beside him, he gently rubbed his cock. 
“Would you like to play with it, Sir?”
Max purred “yes” his rich brown eyes watched him as he touches himself. He moaned. his cock grows and stretched. he pants as he looked at him.
“I want to see it, Jo,” he said. Jo dug his hand inside and pulled out his aching cock. He hissed as the air hit the flesh. He was growing hard, the veins already popping through the flesh. 
jo was stark aroused, he moaned and fist his cock harder. He could feel the hard flesh pulsing on his hands. 
Max stopped him. “Sit on top of me” 
Jo climbed on the bed and position himself on top, facing directly at Max. His cock right in hang in front of his Max’s face. Max garbed jo hips to pull him closer. His tongue licked along the shaft then between his balls, sucking them. Jo grabbed into the steel bedpost for support. 
“AH MAX” he pant. He felt Max mouth sucking in his balls. His hip was pushed higher up and Max licked around the rim of his ass. pleasure slammed through him. 

Max devoured and a few moments later he was on edge ready to burst.

“Come for me, Jo!”

“I’m going to…AH!” he erupted. spurting his load all over Max’s face. making a mess everywhere. his load keep coming and coming. the release felt so good. he body gradually relaxed, returning to normal. 

Jo sat back gasping for air. “That felt so good”

” yes, it was fun wasn’t it” 

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