Yaoi Erotica Flash Fiction

I Want to Taste You Matser: Catboy and Leon

Leon arrived back home late. Catboy sprang onto his master. He being so thirsty for him and lonely. Leon comforted Catboy. Catboy dropped to his knee, facing directly at leans groin. He looked up at his master with wide kitty eyes. 
“Please master. I want your cock” he weeps. His hand automatically started to unbutton his jeans. He buried his face against his bulging balls. He could smell his master musky scent. The scent spurred Catboy on. He played and nibbled his balls. The fresh underneath the material was twitching. As Catboy was about to advance, his head was yanked back. He gave a small cry out in surprise. He was staring back at Leon. Leon was grinned with a low chuckle then pulled out his dusky thick cock. 
“Hold still” He places the tip between Catboy lips. He outlines the tip along with his mouth. Catboy widens his mouth and slowly and naturally took him in. His mouth was drooling. He licked and solver the taste of the fresh. He hallowed his cheeks and worked on his serving master’s cock. Making it slick and wet for him. 
Leon rocked his hips forward in a steady back and forth rhythm. Fucking his pretty mouth. “Oh yeah! Keeps those eyes on me Catboy” 
Leon grip hold of Catboy head, he groans

“fuck! your mouth is so damn good!” 
Catboy hummed and he increases the suction. He own cock throbbed painfully in his tight shorts. He took out his cock and starts stroking the length as he carried on cock sucking. Pre-cum Siping down his throat. It tasted sweet. His everything about master taste so sweet. He craved for the best part.
His seamen.
“Yes touch yourself” Leon moaned and rocked faster with a short quick thrust. His cock was thickening and already at his limited. His eyes welled up, he fits his cock and made a muffled noise as he was edging close to coming. A few minutes later Leon cried as erupted inside Catboy mouth. Catboy spurt thick load too and pulled out, gasping. his mouth covered in his master load.  He knelt down to kiss him.  
“I still want to more”

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