A Naughty Ride Home

The Science and food technology convention at Heaul University could have gotten anymore dull.

Nicholas colleagues abroad a hired private coach. Mostly a group of scientist.

Gabriel slump on the seat staring out of the window. He made a joke but Gabriel did not notice. He was drained also fed up. Nicholas he knew to bring Gabriel with him was a not good idea.

The capital night light glitter cross the horizon. Nicholas colleagues departed off at the near station, leaving Gabriel and Nicholas are alone aboard with driver driving them back home.

The coach seats are cosy and luxury, so relaxing that he could fall asleep. 
Gabriel closed the curtain and pulled down this hat and rubbed his ears “my ear itchy”.
“So did you find the science food technology Convention interesting …?” Nichola’ ask.
“Nah, it’s was Fucking boring” Gabriel grunted.
Nicholas growled at him
“Ok, but you don’t have to be a dick about it Gabriel – I just wanted company, that all” he spat out. God! Have some respect!

Gabriel studied him for a moment then lower his harsh tone and breath in. “I know, I’m sorry” he slightly tilts his head.
“It alright, I appreciate for coming with me, I’m very grateful” Nicholas mumbled.

The driver shouted across the coach “sorry mate we got, traffic ahead of us, it might take longer”
“Ah that ok, thanks” Nicholas called back. The driver resumed on the road.
“I’m bored” Gabriel yawned.
“it won’t be too long – listen to music or something” he mutter. 
Gabriel shot an eye at him but Nicholas sank himself into the seat. He feels Gabriel edging closer, stroking his arm tenderly, his jaws brushing near his cheek. 
“We should have some fun” 
“What kind of fun?”

Gabriel licked his lips. He darted back, forth between him and his erection.
“You know” 
An electric shot hit core “Oh no – not here!” 
Gabriel’s lips touched lightly his ear lobe, he cuddled up behind him. 
Warping his arm around him, he dug a hand between Nicholas’ legs. 
“Gabriel, what are you doing?” he gasped. 
Gabriel grunted, blew hot air into Nicholas’ ears. “Nicky, I want to suck your cock.”
Nicholas stiffened as Gabriel place soft peaked on his neck, his nose trail along the base of his neck.
“Gabriel..we on a coach, we could get into….” 
“He’s not gonna know, Nick”

Nicholas panted as Gabriel unfastens his jeans. his hands reach down and stroked the length. 
“Oh yeah…..there he is”
“Shh, Nick keep quiet, unless you want him to hear your sexy voice” Gabriel chuckle and grin while he rubbed his hot shaft, his cock twitched in excitement.

The humming vibration from the vehicle and Gabriel’s grip, jerking him off felt so good.

That cheeky pervert! 
It was so wrong! but he badly craves for some release right now. 
The journey will take a long time, maybe if Gabriel did it quickly they won’t get caught.
“It feels nice, doesn’t it”
Nicholas thinned his lip and nodded. Oh god yes!
“just…take it easy, ok” Nicholas whispered.

Gabriel free hand slides up to his chest, curling his hard erect nipple.

Nicholas moaned softly, he gritted his teeth and clutch on the edge of the seat. His heart pounding fast. 
Gabriel licked along the ear, making him quivered in arousal. His cock grew and hardened.

Gabriel rumbled a deep purred from his throat. He let go of Nick’s nipple pulled his face to him for a kiss. 
The two men tongues meet, pressing and stroking together
Garble greedy suck and devour his lips. Then he glides his tongue into his mouth.

After a few intense kisses, the men paused. Nicholas let out a moan. His face flush in heat. 
what about the driver!
Nicholas peak between seats. The driver is focused on the road. 
“I don’t think he will notice us – he still driving” he whispered
“good, Let’s carry on” Gabriel smile back.

Gabriel slowly headed south directly to Nicholas erection, He pulled out the thick, weeping cock. 
The tip already leaking with per cum. Gabriel snarled, licked his lips and brushed his lip on the head. 
He nibbles off the clear per cum. He tongues clean the head till it was shiny and wet. 
Nicholas leans back and closed his eyes, enjoying Gabriel’s warm mouth milking him.

Gabriel stroked the length of his cock down and up with his mouth. he hollowed his check to suck and squeeze. 
Nicholas started to pump his hip, Shaking in aroused, Nicholas ached his back. “Omg Yes…” he moaned.
The climax was near. His cock swelling further. Gabriel continued to milk him until he was on edge.
Nicholas cover on his mouth, muffled. “That it. Fuck me good Gabriel”. 
Spurting out like a pistol, emptying his hot load in Gabriel’s mouth with his own cream. leaking over. Gabriel clean him up, eating every cum. Gabriel pulls out and wiped off his cum around his lips. he was surprised how much spurt out. But he didn’t care, it felt so good!
Gabriel rose up, eye heavy lit. “Oh Fuck…That was so fucking good!” Gabriel groaned.  
“shut up ” Nicholas mumbled, his breath heavy.

Gabriel re-position up on the seat. Nicholas covered himself with a blanket, then felt Gabriel warped his arm him. “That was fun, wasn’t it”.
Nicholas slumped on Garble exhausted. 
Gabriel handed him a tissue.”Here, you need to wipe some it off”
Nicholas smiled in guilt “Thanks” 
Gabriel smirked back and peck softly on his head.

The coach finally arrived at their home town. The driver did not mention anything, he helped load their bags and drove off. Nicolas and Gabriel approached their apartment. Walking up to their home, Gabriel took Nicholas hands “Should we continue in the bedroom Nicky?”
“What, come on. did you had enough already?”
“But I want to fun to last, Nicky” He wined. 
Nicholas looked down searching for his keys. Gabriel bounced around him, nudged at him, with a stupid grin on his face.

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