A Sexy Encounter on the Train: Back to London

Photo by Abby Chung on Pexels.com

Travelling back to London, You sit on the first-class carriage, Reading the Financial Times. You glance over the paper and notice another passenger sitting across you. A man sitting elegantly, in a navy suit. His dark hair neatly combed. He looked like a professional businessman, perhaps on his way to a business meeting. He was writing on his notebook, but you got struck by his violet eyes looking back at you. his perfect mouth curled up into a sensual smile. You smile back and returned to reading. 
“Excuse me”
You jump in surprise to see him standing near you. He stares, standing erect. 
“Sorry to bother you. But Have you heard of the business in financial trouble, the financial expert’s say this country could go into recession, but that just lies”
“Yes, these experts like to say anything on the news”
He laughs, flashing his brilliant white teeth. 
“I’m Adam Keene, I’m a lawyer in especially in Business and Corporate” 
You shook his hand. He askes where are you travelling. He sits next to you.
“I was in Manchester, visiting a client. What do you do?” 
“I was in a meeting, then visited some food store brunch to see how the sale is going this season” 
“Ah of course” he smiled. He edged closer. The aftershave perfume tickled your nose. His eye darkens, his sensual mouth widens. His sexy stare made you shiver, your face was becoming warmer. He oozes sex. your eyes scan his handsome feature and the outline his body, then your eye dropped down at his groin.  
“Are you interested?”
“Interested in what” but you knew telepathically what his intention. An offer which you tempted to take. He leaned closer, his warm breathing on your ear. 
“I could give you the release if you want” he whispered. Your cock twitched in excitement. his hand sneaked along your thigh and dug in between your legs. Squeezing your ball. Luckily the table covers the action, you remained still enjoying the erotic massages. Your cock pulsing against his warm hand.
“I can feel you getting hard. Your cock is aching for some release” he chuckled “I can do that for you, use me however you like”
You licked your lips. 
“I could take this future in the toilets” 
“what if the conductor hear us”
“We won’t be long, just a quickie. There’s toilets over that side”
You nod “Ok let go”
You follow him to the closer toilet cubicle. You manage to squeeze in the tight space. He locks the door and turns his attention to you. you lean against the wall. Staring at him, his hand ran over your neck,  along your chest. His lips inches away from your, bushes delicately over the skin and along your jawline. 
You can feel his heat. He continues to tease you and kiss the column of your neck. His silky touch made you inhale sharply.
You let out a moan and you run your hand across his firm chest, then along his shoulders and felt his smooth hair between your figure tips. 
“How do you want me to set you off?” He said in a deep velvet tone.
“With you mouth” you answered
“Unzip your trouser” 
You operate, unzipping the trouser, you tug your cock out, letting it hung over the rim of your trunks. 
He seems to like what he sees. “nice” he purred. 
His hands grip around the shaft, he thumb rubbing on the tip. You groan in arousal. The excitement building up, every stroke made yours on edge. 
“So hot” he purred. “You like that don’t you, you dirty boy”
“Yes,” you reply. You let out a low moan as he jerks and twists your cock.

“How should I set you off, mouth or hand?”

“mouth” your pant “use your mouth”

He lowered underneath you and press the tip of your cock between his lips. He kissed and glide his tongue open the flesh. His velvet lips caress down the shaft and up before his mouth wrapped the head. He licks and sucks drawing your cock further and further inside him warm mouth. 

“Oh god yes” you moan.  Your cock throbbed, growing harder. filling up as his mouth fucks you.
He hummed in stratification. you close his eyes. Oh god, this feels amazing. His was masterful.  Your cock glistening, per cum dripping out. He nibbled the per cum, flicking it with the tip of his tongue. 
He increased the suction, pulling the cock to the back of his throat. He thrusting your cock roughly in and out. 
You coiled up, reaching your limit, then explode into orgasm, filling your hot load inside his mouth. Seamen seeping out. You felt him swallowing, milking you climax. Then he draws out, his mouth fills with your cum.
He rose, turn toward the sink. Dazed and fucked, You stood still, rapidly breathing, wanting more. But you knew you can’t stay here too long. You grabbed a paper towel, cleaning up the remaining seamen and tug your cock the back inside your trousers. You fixed yourself, checking for any mess on your suite. Adam turns to you.
“How was it?”
“Felt good, thanks” 
“Good” he smiled “we got to be careful coming out, are you ready?”
You nod and waited unlocks the door. He peaks his head out scanning the area. no sight of the train conductor and you and him headed back to your seats. 
The journey did take long after a few stops. the train finally your destination. You departed the train. Saying goodbye to Adam and shook his hand. Before he left he handed out his business to you. A personal phone number is handwritten under his name.
“let meet up again”

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