ATTRACTION: Fun Night At The Karaokekan

Chapter 1: Back to the City

Tokyo, Japan.

Takeshi strode through the late night streets. Flashing neon lights burned his eyes.

His nostrils detected a whiff of the rich flavour of meat near a ramen restaurant.

Damn, that smell too good, He craves for some hot ramen right now, But not now. He got to meet his partner, Satoshi.

He arrived at a quiet square. Takeshi could see a male dressed in a dark suit. He was tall and lean. His hair was silky dark as the night.

Ah, there’s Satoshi! Takeshi approach him. “I thought you would be waiting for me with a cigarette on your hands Satoshi San”

“I’m trying to quit, remember”

Satoshi pushes himself off the wall and steps forward.

“Welcome back Takeshi Kun, it’s been a while hasn’t it?” he smiled.

“How was Okinawa,” he asked.

“Very nice and relaxing, ありがとう”

“How is your family?”

“はい、元気! my family is doing well with the farm. they were really happy to see me. They got older but they are all still tough and strong, it good to see you too Satoshi San”

“That’s great” he smiled with warmth in his eyes.

“You got tanner since the I last time saw you”

“Yeah, Okinawa is very hot, I like the tan”

Satoshi dark eyes scans him. “The Green kimono really suite you Takeshi Kun. You remind me of a famous Samurai warrior in an epic movie.”

“I do? ” Takeshi grinned.

“I always liked wearing traditional Japanese’s clothing. It feels comfortable and breathable than modern clothing”

The two men carried on the conversation. Both men chatted more about Okinawa. Satoshi which the topic about him. Listening to Satoshi put him in a trace with his graceful gesture Sensual lip. Board shoulders and sharp dark eyes.

“Takeshi are You alright?

Takeshi blinked, “Yes – I brought you something”

Satoshi blinked in surprised as Takeshi draws out a manga book from his sleeve.

“Ta-da! I brought you Lover Blossom manga volume three you always wanted”

Satoshi jaw drop ” Takeshi Kun, how….i mean, thank you so much” he bowed in thanks.

“I brought it at the second-hand book shop near my family home. I asked the owner if he had any more volumes of Lover’s Blossom. It’s a rare copy”

Takeshi gave the manga to Satoshi, he grasped it with both hands and bowed again in deep gratitude. It warms his heart to see his partner smile.

“you welcome Satoshi San…I…”


Huh? The shout sliced moment.

Takeshi darted at the three men boldly walking towards them.

“Oi, you! You think you can get away with this easily, do ya?”

Three men approach them with a bold attitude. One had a scar on his check. The other guy had a cocked nose. The leaders in the middle was overweight.

“You Bastard! You think you can make fun with us, well I teach ya a lesson you never regret!” The leader cracked his knuckles.

“Friends of your Satoshi San?” Takeshi said, his jaw tightened glaring at the enemy. One thing Takeshi knew that Satoshi leaves a trail of trouble with him.

“Yes, they are here to give you a welcome party” Satoshi grinned.

“What!” The leader chocked.

Takeshi tenses his muscles and shifted his body into a fight stance. Satoshi pushes his chest up, knuckled his fist “you think you can handle it” Satoshi snarled.

The thugs growled back “ya pay for this!”

The leader dashed at Satoshi with a punch attack. Satoshi quickly dough with ease and leg kicked him to his head. He went immediately down. The guy with the chocked nose aims at Takeshi, with a high punch. Takeshi ducked the attack and strike him across the face. Blood gashed spilled out from his nose. The final blow, Takeshi punch him deep in the rib, bones crushing underneath, the thug crying out in pain.

The other thug with scare launched, with a nasty smirk. he launches a knife behind Satoshi.

“Satoshi San look out!” Takeshi yelled.

Satoshi dough the knife attack. He disarmed the weapon, breaking the thug’s arm, the bones cracked thought the skin before he light raise kick leg to the head.

Both Satoshi and Takeshi stood still, out of breath. The thugs down, bloody-faced. Blood scatter across the pavement.

Satoshi straightens his posture. “Pathetic” Satoshi mumbled himself.

“are you alright?” He asked.

“I’m alright” Takeshi spat.

Satoshi studies him carefully. He grabbed his wrist, pull him away from the scene. He felt the hair raising back from his neck.

“Hey, Satoshi San…what are you”

“let’s get out of here and go somewhere we could have fun Takeshi Kun” he smirked.

“well let get away from these thugs”

“oh course, I know a place we can hang out”

Takeshi heart thudded on his chest, tingle sensation ran down his spine.

“Come on, Let’s have some fun”

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