ATTRACTION: Fun Night At The Karaokekan

Chapter 2: Lets have Fun

Takeshi followed Satoshi away from the scum and took a taxi to Roppongi. A different area from what he knows. The building is modern and large, perhaps newly built.

Inside, the lobby was lit low and traditional with Japanese interior combine with modern furniture. A huge Japanese print hung behind the desk. Satoshi approached the reception desk and pulled out a shiny black card printed in gold lettering.



Takeshi wanted to ask him what kind of card he had on, but Satoshi shut him out and focus on checking in

The stuff leads them to the top floor, through a wide corridor. Then opened a large wooden door into a spacious room.

Wow, impressive,

Their room was luxurious. A traditional Japanese pattern design spreads across the wall.

curve white leather lounge stretch around the room. Through the window, he can see the capital of Tokyo.

Not bad aye. The interior felt calming, intimate and traditional. Not tacky and small like the other KaraokeKan.

On the glass table were two microphones and a Tablet. A massive wide flat screen TV display high quality imagery.

Satoshi picked both the microphones and handed one to him “So what we gonna sing”

Takeshi and Satoshi sang a few songs together. Satoshi backs him on the chores. The room burst with a lively atmosphere. Whenever Satoshi and him sing together they feel spiritually bond as one.

Karaoke has being their common passion. Nobody has witnessed him sing but Satoshi has. Satoshi keeps his secret with confidence. Every Friday is karaoke night, they would go out to sing, drink and fuck.

Takeshi howled to the final chores of the song. Satoshi chapped and cheered. “wow, that’s fantastic, you are a natural”

“well, it nothing really” He laugh, rubbing the back of his neck.

Takeshi put the microphone down “man, I missed singing”

“Did you go to any karaoke club back in Okinawa?”

“Nah, it was mainly old people singing. I wasn’t in the mood”

knock knock knock

A waiter comes with a tray of food and drinks.

“Sorry for the wait gentlemen, here are your food and drinks” The waiter placed the tray on the glass table.

“Please enjoy” the waiter bowed and left the room.

The food looked delicious! Gozya dumplings, chicken skewers, pudding and a platter of sushi. His stomach grumbles just by the sight. He can’t wait to dig in.

“This KaraokeKan is fancy, how did you find this place?” He asked

“well its a long story but I got a two-year VIP perineum membership from the manager”

Takeshi burnt his mouth by the Goyza dumplings. “really…how?”

“I was on my way home, I took a walk through an alleyway. I saw a group of thugs harassing a small businessman. I beat those fools and saved the man. his name was Tanaka San, he offered me a free drink at some bar as thanks. So I agreed to the offer and went for a drink with him. He told me he just opened this KaraokeKan. He went on how he made this KaraokeKan exclusive for rich people and tourist.” Satoshi said. He leaned back on the lounge, taking another sip.

“So, I told him I like to go to Karaoke myself and he instantly offered me to become the first premium member”

“wow that’s awesome”

“yep, he really thought he be killed so it is his way of showing appreciation.”

“so what you do get being a premium member?” He asked.

“I can bring a friend for free, unlimited hours, plus food and drink are complimentary”.

Takeshi nearly choked on a sip of Oolong Cocktail. “Hang on, free food and unlimited hours!”

Satoshi grinned and chuckled. “That’s correct” Satoshi leaned in and placed his hand on his shoulder.

“This will be our new hang out for now ” he smirked.

Heat flushed across his cheek. He snapped his gaze away, and grabbed another Goyza dumping, then tuna sushi.

“The boss wants to speak to you” satoshi mumble.

Takeshi narrowed at him. “huh why”

Satoshi jaw tightens and took a sip of his drink. “well there been trouble brewing, old gang fuel”.

“I see – what with those thugs after you anyway?”

“pfff, they were just pathetic!” he spat.

The air thickened. Satoshi sharp eyes hold on him. the corner of his lip curled up.

“Takeshi kun,”


“Did you ever think of me while you were away?” he asked his voice low tone. his lips brushed his ears, raising goose bumps across his skin.

His face heated. “Huh?”

Satoshi edge closer “did you ever think of me at night while you were away, Takeshi Kun?” He repeated.

“Shut up!”

“Come on, I’m only asking” he chuckled, shifting closer and closer. He wraps his arm around him.

Takeshi flinched and jerked his head away. He wouldn’t get sweep away by his devilish blaze.

But he can’t resist.

Satoshi rubbed along his arm. The other hand sneaked down between his legs. His heart thudded. His cock twitch in excitement.

“Oi, we in a public place, what if someone…” he breathed.

“They are not gonna come in unless we ask. Besides, we have an unlimited hour” he said.

Takeshi closed his eye. He heard Satoshi purred next to his ear, felt his tongue licking his ear. The back of his hair spike up. Damn, why does he make him feel this way?

Satoshi whispered. “Do you want me to continue?”


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