ATTRACTION: Fun Night At The Karaokekan

Chapter 3: I like Teasing you

Takeshi shut his eyes and stiffened in anticipation. His erection started to throb.

Satoshi snuggled behind him. pecking along the column of his neck. Hot breath tickled his skin. He let out a low moaned as Satoshi’s played one of his erected nipples.

“Undo your Kimono Takeshi Kun”

Takeshi reaches behind and loosens his Obi belt. The garments slide off him. exposing his body.

“I missed you, Takeshi Kun – It’s being so boring without you”

“Yeah….it has”

Satoshi moved his chin toward him. He skimmed and smoothed over his lips with hot passion. A deep sensual kiss, Turing into a raw, tongue-thrusting kiss.

Satoshi pitched the other sensitive nipples. Causing a ripple effect to his Manhood.

“Satoshi San….not the nipples”

“But I like pitching me them”


“stop lying, You get turned on by it, look” Satoshi teased.

Takeshi watched his cock poking through his pants. He reached down to touch it, But Satoshi pulled his hand away “no, not yet”

“you asshole!”

“good, a little restraint goes a long way”

Takeshi watched his cock swell beneath his pants, his wet per cum leaked through the material.

“very sexy” Satoshi purred.

“Shit….i gonna cum.” he shuddered. He yelps as Satoshi rubbed the tip. wet ozz peel of the fabric, on to his figures.

Satoshi lowered his knees, facing directly at his throbbing cock. He leaned in and pressed firmly on his erection with his mouth. His tease the balls aswell. It felt incredibly hot. Takeshi braced himself on the velvet seat, widening his legs.

Satoshi tugged his underwear off. His swollen cock sprung out, Ready for the offering. He stopped, first staring at the cock, then letting his gaze up to him. his nostrils flared. He nibbled the cum off the head. Then trail along the base, caressing and licking. He encircled the girth. Sliding the cock inside his mouth, drawing him deeper. Takeshi squeezed the edge of the seat, gripping in pleasure. He watch Satoshi head duck in and out in a steady rhythm. masterfully sucking him with those sensual lips. Legs trembled, his feet cruel up. He let go and dug his hands onto Satoshi’s hair, and thrusting his hips.

“Ah that good, keep sucking” he moan.

A few moments later. His cock finally exploded. He panted, reeling from his orgasm. Satoshi gagged, and he redrew out.

“F***k that tastes so good!” he hissed.

Satoshi rises up to kiss him. He savours the salty his own cum off his lips.

“Saddle on me” he ordered. Satoshi got back up on the lounge. Takeshi shifted his body and saddle on.

Satoshi holds on to his hips. His eyes widened as he felt a figure draw around the opening. he pushed in further and stretch the rim. His ass steaming hot, Takeshi moans and arched his back, gripping on tightly his shoulder.

Another figure entered, widening him more. Satoshi darted up at him “unzipped my trousers now”

Takeshi dip down to his erection, he unzipped the trouser and pulled his cock. He couldn’t take his eyes of his meaty flesh, he was definitely aroused. he grasped the cock firmly and fists him.

Satoshi cast a glare at him “You want it so bad, don’t you?”. He pushes another figure and forcefully yank him. Takeshi cried with a sharp breath “Satoshi San!”

“Spit on my cock” he demanded. Takeshi did with enthusiasm, He drooled

his cock, lubricant it until it was wet completely. Takeshi licked his lips. The sight of Satoshi’s throbbing flesh, make him want to taste it.

Takeshi lifted his hips, he felt the head probing and pushing through the entrance. Satoshi ease inside the channel. Satoshi drew out an inch then push back in, riding his ass at forceful pace. His muscle clamped tightly on the cock as the build of orgasm crush him.

“Yes, keep it nice and tight” He gained more momentum, driving Takeshi harder.

“You feels, so hot” he panted. Takeshi buries his face on his neck. Their bodies bucked in a synchronised rhythm. Satoshi growled, he felt him thickening, filling up. both men groaning like primal animals.

“Look at me,” he said roughly.

“I want to be the only one who can make you feel this way” Satoshi mouth crushes on him again as they grip in ecstasy.

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