Cards Design Project 2022

I felt inspired to design my own trading/playing cards. I love the designs of graphics and illustrations I saw on Pinterest, playing cards, Tarot and trading cards. it could possibly be made into physical cards. so card, I created two cards design, I going got be doing a series of cards designs and experimenting with different designs.

BL Review: SWEET: His Sweet, Sweet Taste SWEET~彼の甘い甘い味~ by Haruka Minami | Episode 104

Publisher: Libre Inc. リブレ 2007

Read on Futekiya:

This was the only manga I have read this week on Futekiya. I have mainly been reading mangas on Rent (a Japanese site)

This manga reminded me of the older BL manga Shoune Ai manga. And most of the stories are very questionable. The style is of classic shoujo style. The Uke is very feminine drawn, passive, submissive and the Seme is dominant and masculine. A classic example is Junjo Romantica and Love Stage.

The story was very fast pace. The characters just meet (not much time for the character to form a relationship) and they are already in bed. There was nothing much of a plot to the story apart if a lot of bedroom scenes. it’s basically a very erotic BL story.

BL Review: A Break From Japan 日本を休もう by Senko Tohmiya | Episode 106

Nippon wo Yasumou
Artist: Senko Tohmiya

Publisher: TOSUISHA Co.,Ltd. 冬水社 1994

read on Futekiya:

I have been interested to read this manga since it was announced and be licenced on Futekiya. It’s definitely an old school shounen Ai / boy love story. The style is classic shoujo drawing, with the Stylelied drawing. The male character with long chin feature and a long frame. This manga was published in 1994, so there might be outdated stuff or an outdated theme.

It simple story, not too fussy. It actually was an engaging read. It’s very well written. The storyline was simple and good. The art style was as it time (classic Shoujo style) but it was visually enjoyable. A good balance of panel and use of pages suited the drawings. It is not technically a brilliant drawing, In fact, the drawings are basic but it has it charms, it had character. It is authentic.

I read Japanese Prints BL More Often Than English Print | Re-reading my Favourite Manga

I am currently re-reading my favourite BL manga. I often like to chill, relax, do a bit of knitting then read some manga from my collection. I am fascinated with the stories and the Japanese prints with the obi belt and the beautiful cover jackets. It feels like a proper book. As I said in my written article for CD Japan, I wanted to discover more unknown BL manga from Japan. Not much BL manga gets published and interpreted for the western market.

Since the discovery of CD Japan and how to order from abroad, I found some Interesting, Rare jams of BL Manga that I knew will unlikely be published in English.
I like re-reading my manga, that is the whole goal. Is to enjoy what I have. I am starting to slowly understand some of the stories now I’m dedicating my time to studying Japanese kanji/radicals.
It is very fun reading in a different language and I finally started to recognise the characters and the words in Japanese. It makes learning Japanese even more engaging. Plus the added bonus of reading genres you like.

Small fact: I have bought 47 BL manga from CD Japan and Amazon JP 6 BL Manga, plus 1 from eBay from 2021-2022. So in Total is 54 Manga I bought directly from Japan. ✌🏼✨

BL Review: Dakaichi: I’m Being Harassed By the Sexiest Man of the Year 抱かれたい男1位に脅されています。by Hashigo Sakurabi (Manga) | Episode 101

New Podcast Episode: I’m Being Harassed By the Sexiest Man of the Year 抱かれたい男1位に脅されています。by Hashigo Sakurabi (Manga) | Episode 101

Happy New Year Everyone! it is 2022, I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. I did, ate lots of cake and chocolate. I’ll be glad to get back into a normal routine.

Available to read on Futekiya

listen to the Anime Revire of Dakaichi Anime Review: DAKAICHI – I’m Being Harassed by The Sexiest Man of the Year | Episode 23 – It’s A Yaoi Recipe! | Podcast on Spotify

Also very well known for the anime adaptation. I have written and talked about Dakaichi. It’s one of my favourite BL anime. The anime is so fun to watch. So when I saw that Futekiya has the manga license and translated into English, I can finally read it properly fully. I did buy the Japanese (original) copy on Renta (Japanese site)

I wanted to understand the full context of the manga. And make a comparison to the anime adaptation. The manga is much more questionable. I started to question why I like anime?

The drawing is sorta average, not great. I’m the anime, they polished very well. I’m not a fan of the manga, to be honest. It’s too fast and all over the pace. I don’t know how this manga series become so popular to make it an anime. Maybe there was something that the studio/animation saw that could profit from. But the anime was ten times better. A lot of time, the anime is far better than the manga. Made huge improvements to the characters and storyline.

The manga is one big non-con story. It will be not suitable for any reader. The bedroom scene is uncomfortable. It is too outrageously non-con. I don’t know why that makes a good BL story.

So yes, I did make me question the anime and my liking toward the anime. If I read the manga first, I would be more likely bothered watching the anime.

Check out my written review of the Anime of Dakaichi: I’m Being Harassed By the Sexiest Man of the Year.

Manga Spending Budget This Year | Less active on Twitter | Being productive in My Arts and Craft

The last year 2021, I spend a lot of manga from Japan since the discovery of cd Japan. The manga is very cheap in Japan (600-700¥) £4 equivalent, but the shipping price was most all the money went lol.

I had spent over a least over £1k on manga alone. I didn’t tally the whole budget. I don’t keep a log of my spending. This year I feel, I can make better decisions on what I want to spend. And not get totally influenced.

But this year, I don’t feel this need to buy any more print copies unless I really like the author or the manga. In fact, I want to buy manga more often on Renta ebook site, this will save me money and it is convenient. It is very straightforward to buy manga on Renta. I most pay with points. I also felt guilty for using up rescues of getting my manga fly across the world by plane, not very eco. So I tend to do less buying and be mindful of what I spend.

I have been less active on social media. Twitter was my main social media platform that I did a lot of interaction. It was really good! I found a lot of information and be part of a BL community, but recently I felt I was overstimulated and too bombarded by the drama, the opinions and being over political. It also was less counter-productive, I was comparing myself to other artists, I feel I had to match the standards or trend of what is popular. This I felt, wasn’t been authentic with my manga installations. Since being off Twitter, the creative mojo has come back! I care less and had more mental freedom on what I wanted to create. I had more focus too on my Japanese studies. And enjoyed my art and crafts even more. It was a mental detox.

screenshot of my WIP 2022

I try to come back to twitter fully but it didn’t feel important to me anymore.

I think discord Is still useful for the podcast and to share my latest manga reads.

I have resumed back in knitting. I haven’t knitted anything for a long time, even years. Just didn’t have the inspiration nor the energy to do so. Away from the distraction from Twitter (social media), I got back into my knitting craft again, which I really missed. I love knitting, it is like a meditation, I go into a state of a still mind. Knitting has kept my hands busy and focused. That alone helped with my anxiety, keeping me calm and focused on the task. So I ordered a new high-quality yarn, with that I’m planning to knit a sweater. I have knitted a baby size sweater but not a full adult size one. I have chosen the nicest yarn.

I Started A Membership for ‘It’s Yaoi Recipe Podcast!’

I started a Membership for It’s Yaoi Recipe Podcast! visit “Buy ME A Coffee” to join!

YAOI RECIPE VIP CLUB for just £3 per month you will get a special role on the Discord Yaoi Recpire severe, which give you access to all channel and gain access to the Vip Channel.

I will be doing a written BL Manga review which only members can read. I plan to write some interesting/engaging topics. I also plan in the future to upload some exclusive podcast episodes that Yaoi Recipe members will be able to listen to.

I will be often sharing some of the drawings I have been working on, which include my manga projects and some sketches. I may do some tutorials. (let me know what tutorial you are interested in)

Your membership will greatly help and support the Yaoi Recipe Podcast and me as a creator!