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INITIATION by Tsukumo Go | Irodori Comic BL Doujinshi | Epsiode 37

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A latest Irodori Sakura BL Doujinshi titles. Irodori has released another Tsukumo Go titles this month called INITIATION. I really like this artist BL Doujinshi work, both OSPHRESIOLAGNIA and For The One whom I adore. They are good! Highly recommended reading them. I already did an review of OSPHRESIOLAGNIA and For The One whom I adore in episode 22.

DEMON BF | OSPHRESIOLAGNIA | For The One whom I adore | Irodori Comic BL Doujinshi | Episode 22

A quaint mountain village holds a clandestine ritual for those reaching maturity. Youta is a new participant who’s just come of age, yet can’t seem to get a straight answer from the village elders about what the mysterious festival entails. What trials will he have to face to prove his manhood?

I found INITIATION an interesting story. it was an ok read. Not the sort of story I would personally read but I like Tuskumo Go work, so i thought to give it a read. It a Group sex story. A secret controversial festival, of young men coming of age. It did leave me questioning about this story, why did Youta participant in this festival? What happened to him afterwards. Will he return? So many question. The artwork is very well drawn. there a lot of sex action. the sexual expression on the character are great! I personally grown to like this artist and I hope to see more titles from Tsukumo Go.

Cherry Magic! Thirty Years Of Virginity Can Make You A Wizard?! | Drama and Manga By Yuu Toyota | Episode 33

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I talk about Cherry a magic in my podcast so many time. I watched the drama before I got the manga. I only got 1 volume. But from what I read it very much true to the drama.
I watched the drama series on Crunchyroll. I really enjoyed it. Watching the drama has convinced me to buy the manga. So I tried to get a manga volumes. But it wasn’t available until wordey had it on stock. so I took the opportunity to buy it.

The physical manga is high quality. It’ slightly larger than regular manga.

I just notice it’s published by Square Enix Manga. I heard of Sqaure Enix as a game developer company. I seen the company name on major games like Kingdom of Hearts/ Final Fantasy.
I absolutely love the manga as well. The drawing are so good and reading it on a upscale make the drawings stand out.
I love the awkward, sweet, relationship that both Adachi and Kurosawa have. I keep reading it over and over again. It such a good read relaxing read.

The only criticism is that it rated mature, but has no explicit content. So I don’t know how they rate the age for the this manga. I think it over 16 not an 18. this manga nothing explicit.

The drama is so good. I don’t normally watch drama. But I heard it was good and it was available to watch on Crunchyroll. The casting, the acting performance is good. There was so much emotion, so much suspense. I squeal so much when the two main character all most kiss. I literally couldn’t hold my screams.

I highly recommend reading the manga as well as watching the drama series. I can understand why popular manga. I wished I got it sooner.

Wild, Wild Wildlife by Hyougo Kijima Episode 31

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I bought Wild Wild Wildlife by Hyougo Kijima. I bought this manga because It was newly published and released by Kuma. I really like Kuma BL manga, the publication is high quality. I become a fan when I read Can An Otaku like Me really be An Idol and Melting Lover. I love the quality production and the paper quality.
This manga a non con (aka not consent). Especially the first two chapters but the drawing are good. nice hunky drawn men.

I try hard to get wild wildlife. I tried getting it on Amazon but it got cancelled. It was out of stock in Book Depository then it was made available a few week later. So I try again to buy it and it came though. I felt so happy. It been hard getting the satisfaction of new book when they are out of stock.

When I saw the manga online, I though it would be a very smutty manga like Sakira manga’a or Ikuyasu (Hammered and Pounded). Beautiful Masculine men, very erotic, raunchy storyline. There was another manga work I though was similar which was The Secret Case Files of the Cafe April by Hyogo Kijima (that has Non con content too). Non Con are typical in Yaoi. But not all BL/Yaoi, you will find there is a lot of range of themes and more better storyline that is relatable, romantic and beautifully drawn. I seen sometimes in hentai that has a romantIc theme. Erotica can be romantic too. erotica is under the romance genre.

However Wild Wild Wildlife wasn’t too bad. it alright is you enjoy raunchy stories. I personally like reading raunchy erotic stories.

Wild wildlife is an anthology, a series of different stories in one book. The manga artist is explore different scenario.

Vive La Vivre chapter was shocking me because there are young boys that look like children and it creep me out. I started to question the artist and myself for reading it. Even though they are androids doll. It was still uncomfortable that they are too child like. They are boy lollies. I have heard of lollies from watching the Anime Man on YouTube, explained about Lollies. I read it though, trying to understand what the story is about but I still don’t get it. The rest of the short stories are fun to read. I thought Corpes Survival and Takamaru Charm!! was interesting.

I would recommend this manga to someone who like reading Teach Me, Tutor , Hammered and Pounded, The Secret Case Files of the Cafe April.

BL Review: MADK by Ryo Suzuri Vol.1 | Sublime Manga | 43 Episode

MADK: Motsu (Guts), Akuma (Demon), Danshi (boy), Kokosei (highschooler)
Story and Art by Ryo Suzuri
English Publication: Sublime Manga
Rated 18+

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I finally got MADK. I been talking about it for a while. I per ordered it a while back back since February but the released date has been moved to a later date. So I had to cancel it and wait for the manga to be full available. It was only recently that this manga was available to buy, book Depository and other online book store now has available to buy. But Amazon is hasn’t released it yet.

MADK was announced last year. Everyone was excited when it was announced on twitter. It hasn’t been talked much about it online.

I read MADK immediately when it arrived. I got to say it really unique, surreal, interesting and messed up story I have ever read! I knew it would be a dark theme. But I wasn’t expecting to be this dark and twisted!

MADK Is such a twisted, dark and fascinating manga I have ever read. The drawing are fantastic, some of the panel are drawn with artistic gestural line work and expressional emotions. There are few panels were there a lot of etching to create a dark intense mood. But the rest of the manga, The line are light and fluid.

The storyline is extremely intriguing. The first chapter got me hooked. I had a feeling the storyline would be bizarre.

Makoto has fetish for eating flesh. He is a strange boy who is interested in cannibalism, serial killer and road kill. society would judge him for being disgusting hobby. He hasn’t commit any crime but he felt like a criminal. He is aware of his dark desire but at the same time he doesn’t want to harm no one. He feel truly conflicted with himself. So he tries to summon a demon. He summons the Archduke J. A beautiful, flamboyant demon. The demon ask Makoto what he wish for and Makoto said he want to eat demon flesh. The Demon was shocked by his request but accept it. He allow Makoto to eat him alive. Also Makoto has sex with the demon while he eat him.

The demon fulfill Makoto dark desire then takes Makoto to hell with him. Makoto mysteriously die in the real world. However The demon took a liking to Makoto and make Makoto as his pet demon.

In Hell, Makoto has to adjust and learn the rule of the demon world. He gets a new body and has to get a job. He meet other demons in the underworld. The Archduke J is sadistic and dominated toward Makoto but at the same time he can sometimes nice to Makoto. It a strange relationship between them. It not a pure romance between J and Makoto, it more sexual, lust relationship. The sex scene are extremely erotic and raw.

There are a lot of content that will be problematic for some reader as it has theme of gore and non consent. Which some reader will find disturbing. So I wouldn’t recommend to everyone. But If you like dark twisted fantasy story then I highly recommended MADK.

I’m very interested in volume 2, will Makoto surpass J? How would J feel when Makoto become a real demon or will the relationship status change?

I personally enjoyed MADK by Ryo Suzuri, it’s a 9/10 for me. I’m so glad Sublime Manga published this manga MADK in English.

Newly Manga I recently got | New R18 Doujinshi Manga from Irodori | February manga Episode 30

I finally got some new manga. Even the manga I couldn’t get last month January. It does take a while for the books to dispatch, roughly over a week but I was so happy when they arrived. It felt a longtime since I got any physical manga. I even got Wild Wild Wildlife and Cain: Mr Rain both published by Kuma. I have done a review on other Kuma manga (you should listen if you are interested.
I hoping next month March I be able to get some new Sublime manga. I actually gonna per order them soon.

Listen to my podcast for the full review.

Manga I bought:

Sasaki and Miyano, Vol. 1 By Syou Harusono

Canis : Dear Mr. Rain By Zakk

Wild Wild Wildlife By Hyougo Kijima

Tamamo-chan’s a Fox! Vol. 1 By Yuuki Ray

Nichijou Vol 1 and 3 by Keiichi Arawi

Cherry Magic! Thirty Years Of Virginity Can Make You A Wizard?! Vol1 By Yuu Toyota

R18 Doujinshi I bought:

Irodori Comic had a valentines sale ( both Irodori Lite and Irodori Comic site) during 14 -23 February, they had a sale on a selection of Vanilla tag Doujinshi. They were very cheap starting from 0.99 to $5. I bought so many because of the bargain I can get and to grow my Doujinshi collection. There were two BL Doujinshi for sale ‘My Teacher’s, My Lover’ and ‘we Dating’ which I already bought and reviewed them on my podcast. I actually bought some of BL Doujinshi manga from Irodori Comics.

I’ll mention a few I bought:

  • Shinobu’s Divorcee Body – Living Together by Yoshu Ohepe
  • The Oni and the Fresh Peach by Nemu
  • Recharge by Disciplining the Newbie Succubus Maid by Yanyo
  • The Tanuki’s Lover by Nemu
  • Nurse Chiyo’s Crazy for Tanuki by Nemu
  • I LOVE YOU SO, MASTER! (Series) by Sorono

I do have my favourite such as:

  • FUTANARI MILK CHALLENGE 1 and 2 by Kiyose Kaoru
  • Demon BF by Naop

I got 29 Doujinshi hentai manga so far. I am thinking of buying maybe 1 or 2 Doujinshi. Will see. But I really enjoying reading Doujinshi. And some are really good! There some serious good artwork and storytelling.