Comic: A Typical Friday Morning

Friday-comic, 2015
Friday-comic, 2015

Comic: A Typical Friday Morning

A comic of my daily life, I was planning on drawing something. last friday was windy and caught my attention. It had an inspiration to turn this moment into a comic. I still practicing making comics, it is easy to create comics in digital software such as Photoshop.

I may consider using watercolour to create a comic instead of using photoshop. I think it will make a difference in my comic art work and make it more original.

90% of my artwork is hand drawn and only 10% is digitally for the final touches. When I was younger, studying in school, I use to rely on digital software for creating cool artwork but I found brush ink drawing and water colour is becoming my prefer materials. I decided to focus mastering water-colour and ink as my primary mediums. Hopefully to create unique visual illustrations.