Gabriel’s Touch

Defeated and exhausted. What the point in trying to contribute to Society when all scientist elites decide what is Scientific evidence. My research was rejected. I try to warn them about the high amount of fortified, artificial chemical used in meats, but they rejected. Discard my research.  Saying it will harm the research funding.

The hypocrite!

Gabriel was right to take me out for a drink, away from the stress. we decided to go to a local bar. A cosy ambience, with dim lighting and soft rock music playing in the background. It has been a long time since Gabriel and I went anywhere. I swung back my beer, tasting that bitter defeat. I glaze at Gabriel, he took the first bite of Mozzarella Cheese Corndog. The bite made a crunch. A cheesy string stretch as he pulls across. He took another bite, wrapping his mouth over the thick, long corndog like he is putting a cock in his mouth.

I took another sip. I was transfixed on him devouring corndog. He licked off the crumbs around his sensual mouth. 
Gabriel flicked at me “you alright Nicky”
“Yeah, it’s a good that you took me out. I needed the break”
“Yeah. We haven’t been together a long time. I got worried”
“Worried about what?”
Gabriel’s change of tone starting me. His face overcast, darkened. the upbeat expression on his face slowly fades. My stomach twitch. But My cock stained underneath my trousers, hungry for his mouth on me. I shifted to the away, trying to hide my erection. The desire grew more intense as I watch him finish eating. I got up and headed to the toilets. 

Once I locked the door, I slumped over the sink, staring at my reflection on the mirror. My checks flash red. I look down and my erection still stiffens hard like a rock. I splashed water on my face and dry up with a clean towel.
“Hey Nikky, you alright?” Gabriel knocked, calling out from toilet door.
“Yeah, just a sec” I crumb my hair, fixed my shirt and pulled down the sweater to cover my erection Before I unlocked the door. Gabriel glared at me. 
“You was ages man”
“Yes, Sorry just eas just finish” I lied, smiling. But Gabriel narrowed at me like he knew I was lying. he shoved me back inside the toilet and locked the door behind him. 
“Gabriel what are you…” before I could protest, he crushed his lips on me. his force was strong, hitting me against the cold tile walls. Without breaking the contact, his mouth devoured mine. sinking deeper in an intense embrace. I moan and I could the heat underneath him. His erection grinding on his with need.
“I don’t give a fuck, I need you Nikky”
I warped my arm around him and pulled him closing. 
“I want your cock”. Gabriel grunt, he yanked my sweater up and his lips brushed over my chest, the tip of his tongue flick on my hardened nipples. I shivered as he teased and play them. I fall back against the wall, enjoying his velvet touch. turning into jelly. I allow him to work on me, letting me forget myself. Then he lower south, trailing down to my groin, finally giving me what it want. He ripping opening my trouser, he tugged out my cock. He grinned and licked his lips before he leans forward. his tongue flat against flat on tip, and running along the shaft, coating it until is was wet.
Gabriel other his hand slowly undo his dark jeans, gripped stroking his cock while sucking on mine.
I gripped on his dark mains as I blaze in heat. his lips moved over the head, sliding the first inch inside, repeating sliding back and forth.
I watch him through narrow eyelids as Gabriel’s mouth fuck me. My cock Throbs inside his mouth, 
“Oh shit!, Not to fast, I’m gonna come”
He groaned. And his mouth moved over, now sucking on my balls. Every stroke and suction ripped through me. 
“Don’t you stop Gabriel, make me come” he hummed in enjoyment. he suck hard, adding pressure.
A few moment later, he paused. 
“Huh, why did you stop?” I cried.
“Coz I don’t what you to come yet”. 
Already Per cum dripping from the tip of my cock. he gave a few strokes and lean in to lick it.
“So fucking hot” he growled.
Gabriel stood up and span me around. He nestle his lips on my shoulder. His hand skimmed over my stomach and chest. 
“I want to come inside Nikky.” 
He pulls my face to kiss me. I could taste my musk on his lips. He wedges and rubbed his cock between the crack of my ass. 
“Do you have lube and condom?”
“Yeah” he pulled out a condom and a satchel of lubricant. “The condom is already lube” 
“your always ready are you?” 
“I don’t fuck about Nikky, I’m always ready” he chuckled “Bend over” 
I lean over, holding in the edges the sink for support. he arched my back and spread my ass cheeks wide open. He tears open the condom and lubricant in a single gesture. He growled in lust as he stare at my opening. 
“Oh Yeah, your ass is hot and ready for me to fuck that hole.

Gabriel’s slippery figures slip inside my opening, His slime figures wiggled and stretching the rim. He dug future, I cried out as he hit the prostate. After that, his cock ease into my opening, pushing through the channel. It slides easy, without any discomfort. My muscles coiled around him, squeezing his thick girth.
“Damn Nicky, you want this so fucking bad” he groaned as he pumped inside me.
“I can’t take it, Just do it” I pant. Feeling the friction of every harsh thrust. My mouth haunt opening while he fucks me senselessly. 
Then he stops.
“Why did you stop?” 
I turn over to look, Gabriel stared at the door. 
“What it is?” I heard a sound coming from the other side. handle moved and jarred.

I clasped his mouth to muffle my moans. Did they hear us? But I don’t want this stop! My heart thudded like a hammer. Gabriel cock still wedged inside me. His breathing ragged. The didn’t door move but Gabriel redrew his cock.
“Don’t stop!” 
“But what about…”
“I don’t care just do it” I snap.
He snarls “Yeah, fuck it!” He Pounding me harder than before. Fucking my ass like a man man. 
“Yeah don’t stop” I growl. I felt grip my cock under me, jerking me as he fucks. I coiled, spamming in orgasm. The sound of his ball smacking me. 
“I’m almost there Gab” I cried, I clenched my teeth as I was almost near to coming. 
I squirm as I came. Shooting my hot load like a pistol. 
“Oh fuck” Gabriel gasp, gripping tightly on me as he too came. every drop of semen shot out of me. I spurred all over the sink and wall. 
Spend, gasping, dripping in sweat. the release felt so good. Gabriel panted a few kisses along my neck. “So good, oh man, so fucking good” 
I smiled “Yeah it was” he redrew and lower underneath me, he cleaning my cum with his tongue. 
“So delicious” he purred. 
The stress and weeks of tension went. I pulled him up to kiss him. I felt spark coming back life. he caresses my face, staring at me with tender eyes “it will be alright Nikky”

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