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warning: Mature (18+) viewers: contains graphic imager, nudity and sex.


Oliver has no home, his Boss Adrien offer him to stay with him at his home until Oliver can find a new place. How will Oliver cope Living with his dominant sexy boss.

Fun Night At The Karaokekan

Things get streamy at the KareokeKan. After fighter off some thugs on the streets. Takeshi and Satoshi love spending time together at the Karaokekan.


Catboy is a very lewd character. he will do anything to please his master Leon. like a cat, he loves to play video games and be lazy all day. Leon keeps him as a pet at home but his colleagues don’t know he has a secrets playtime with Catboy.


A very short Fanfiction comic of Alucard from Hellsing and Sebastian from Black Butler. Two powerful men meet at night. Sebastian is Fascinating by Alucard and would do anything to satisfy him.

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