Short Stories

A series of short erotic M/M stories. Originally my erotic stories are draft for my yaoi manga and based on what I illustrated. These short stories do have explicit content and are not suitable for all readers, Mature reader only! These stories are publish on Wattpad under the Pen name Garnet Lapis.

ATTRACTION: Fun Night At The Karaokekan

Things get streamy at the KareokeKan. After fighter off some thugs on the streets. Takeshi and Satoshi love spending time together at the Karaokekan. Satoshi get himself a free perimune membership at a new luxury KaerokeKan which includes unlimited hours.
But both men can’t resist the temptation to have real FUN!

ATTRACTION: Gabriel’s Touch

Stressed out from his job, Gabriel and Nicholas decided to spent time together at a local bar, but temptation stir as Nicholas want Gabriel so badly and the pair ge5 steamy in the public toilet.

Midnight Lust: Alucard X Sebastian

A very short Fanfiction story of Alucard from Hellsing and Sebastian from Black Butler. Two powerful men meet at night. Sebastian is fascinating by Alucard and would do anything to satisfy him.

Han x Dom- Villager Love

Fanfiction yaoi story of Hans and Dom. not suitable for younger readers.

ATTRACTION: Naughty Ride Home

Niclahos and Gabriel get a little naughty on the coach trip back home.

ATTRACTION: Gentlemen’s Agreement

Oliver’s Sexy boss, Adrien ask him a strange favour. Oliver wants to keep the relationship strictly professional. but he could no resist his boss advances.

Yaoi Erotica Flash Fiction

Flash fiction, sex scene that I pulled out from the top of my head.

A sexy Encounter on the Train

Written in second point of view as you travel back to London from a business trip. then meet a sexy lawyer who is willing to give you some sexual releases.

Show Me

Dale a porn actor is invited to Lucius Hugo home to discuss his new role in his films. but one thing leads to another.

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