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I was thrilled to be contacted by Lucius Hugo, One of the best erotic film directors. He’s the best known for his gay erotic films. I didn’t believe it at first when I got an email by Lucius saying he wanted me to act in his new projects. Finally, I can move up on the ladder and get well-paid cash. I have heard his name in magazines and social media. But never could I thought he would scout me. I did a bit of research. His films are cinematic and beautifully shot. No wonder why He won many awards. I saw at a photo him. He looks mature, strong and masculine. A man who well built, clean stubble bread and his hair comb-over. He looks good – very good. He doesn’t look like those weird fashion dress directors, he seems to decent and charming. 
I have been doing porn for 5 years, it pays the bill and gets me extra stuff. I do enjoy it. But be difficult dealing with these assholes who don’t pay their actor well. I have a part-time job during the week as working in customer service at a Gas and Electricity Company. nobody knows my other profession. I like to keep that secret, never engaging with my colleagues. Not even my close friends and family know I’m a porn actor. 
Soon I will be able to save more money to move home and kick start my own online business.

I contacted Lucius back confirming I will work with him. I gave him Proof my medical records and blood test that is all negative of all sexual transmitted disease.
He wrote back:

Hi Dale, 
Thank for your correspondence. Come to my home at 7 pm on Friday. We can discuss the project and your role in the film. I’m looking forward to meeting you.
Kind regards, 
Lucius Hugo

Great I meet you on Friday.
Dale Elija Callum

It’s Friday. I arrived at Lucius house at 6:50 pm. I slowly drive up to a Lucius large Morden building. I drove up to the gate and press the telecoms. 
“Hi, Callum Elija to see Me. Hugo” I said. The gates slide open and I drive-in. A figure steps out of the large door. Lucius, standing erect, chest high. He was tall and dress in a dark suit.
I parked my car, go out and greeted him.
“Elija thank you for coming” he smiled, reached his hand out. I shook his hand with enthusiasm. I was taken aback by his sliver eyes darting at me. I was feeling nervous.
“I very glade finally meet you Mr.Hugo” 
“Please come in” He escorted me inside his home. His home was spacious and modern. He leads me to a large spacious living room. 
“Please sit down. Do you want a drink? Whiskey?”
“Yes please,” I smiled. While he prepared our drink, I sat down and I scanned the room. I instantly notice the wide window looking at the river. I turn my head and see a larger abstract painting, a wide scene TV and modern fireplace. 
Perfect place for a Bachelor.

“I’m going to ask a few questions. Just to get to build a profile”
“Are you in a relationship at the moment?”
“Have you have sex recently with anyone”
“Only when I doing a porn video”
He nods and pours out whisky into two clear glasses. He handed my drink and sat on the armchair opposite me, leg cross. “Do you have another job?”
“Yes I work in part-time customs service in Gas and Electric company”
“And does anyone know you do porn?”
“No, nobody knows, I prefer to keep that a secret”
“Interesting. Do you have a hobby, how do you spend your own time”
“I work out, go jogging, read books or do t-shirt designs”
“T short Designs”
“Yes, I make my prints t-shirt designs, I planning on quitting my job in customer service to creating my own company in selling custom t-shirt prints.”
“Impressive that sound good. Then what happens after you launch your t-shirt company and become successful, will you continue doing porn?”
“I don’t know, I probably will stop doing that too”
“Well, you young. You still got a lot of opportunities”
He raised his glasses to his lip. His eyes flicked at me.
“Can ask how old are you”
“I’m 27 years old” 
“Good, you sure look after your health. Everyone health goes down after 30.”
“Yes, I do keep a have a healthy diet. I don’t eat junk food” 
I watched him taking another sip. He radiates sex. I couldn’t take my eye off his sexy mouth. A sexual desire stir in core my gut. 
“I watching a few videos you were in and I thought there something unique about him.” 
Unique? Nobody has ever said that to me “Oh really, that good” 
“When it comes to my films I don’t hire any porn star, I look someone with a certain unique personality and sex appeal that will enhance the film. And you seem to have those qualities” he said in a hard tone, taking another sip. 
“I take my work very seriously Dale, my production is done to the highest standards” 
I nod and sip my whiskey. “So what will shooting involve?”
“Well, it’s a gay erotica film between a spy and a billionaire. It will involve Anel sex. You will be playing spy and I will be the billionaire” 
I flinched “so we be having sex?”
“That correct. Also, you’ll be in a few my personal porn videos which will have us both having sex in certain scenarios”
” All filming will be done in the studio. You’ll be paid £21,000 a month, plus I cover your travel and medical experience” 
“Oh, that great!” 
He leaned forward “Are you willing to do it?”
“Yes I’ll do it”
His beam. ” Excellent, I’ll send you the contact in a few days before we start working” 
I swing back my whiskey and put it on the glass tea table. Then Lucius stood up. “Last thing before you go I want to examine you, of you don’t mind”
“Don’t worry I just want to have a look at you without your top off. if that ok” I narrowed at him puzzled, wondering why he needs to do this. perhaps he wanted to see the goods before we start having sex together. Might as well show him.

He loomed closer. “Take off your shirt please” 
I stood up and take off my jacket then. My to and lay them on a nearby chair. 
I watched Lucius pulled out black gloves from his pocket and slide them on. 
“Spread your arms out,” he said. I lifted my arm out for him. He gently patted and rub his hands around my right bicep, my elbow and down to my hand. His gloves felt soft like velvet. It was strange but felt good. Then he moved on to the left arm repeating the same process. after he finished, He told me to put my arms down then started to running both hands over my naked shoulder. Gradually sliding across my chest. His hand spread over my chest. rubbing and squeezing the muscles. His gaze followed where he touched. Eager to explore everything inch. His lips curved up as the figure tip flicked my nipple. He dips his head and blows onto my nipple making them erect. I hissed when The soft velvet thumb rake over the tip of my nipples. He rolls them to tight points between finger and thumb, and twist them.

Underneath my cock throbbed.
“your so sensitive, nipple play gets you hard, doesn’t”
It does, he has found my weak spot. I realise this is more than just him examining me.
He released my nipples and step behind me. Trailing his a figure down my spin, then sneaks around of my abdomen, sliding over to my stomach then future down to my groin and cupping my balls. I felt my Hair raised at the back of my neck, hypersensitivity to his touch when he squeezed them. his breath tickles the skin. 
My heart was beating fast. 
He steps back in front of me and leans in close to my face, so close that our lips brushed lightly. His sensual mouth hovered over mine. I could almost taste the strong scent of whiskey lingering. 
I parted my lip sucking in his warm breath. His thumb stroked my jaw then up my bottom lip. I licked it when his figure tip rubbed my mouth. He pushed his figures between my lips, all the way inside my mouth. I sucked and licked them greedily while He stares at me with deep desire. I was growing hard by the second, every touch sends my nerves on fire. After a few sucks, he gradually redrew his figures.
“This is turning me on” I groaned
“That a good sign” 
“How about I record you masturbating”

"This is turning me on" I groaned"That a good sign" "How about I record you masturbating"

“I want to see you jerk off,” he said in a dark tone. He took my hand and lured me to another room. 
The bedroom was decorated in the same modern masculine interior, low lit and a large grey king size bed. Above the bed was a large abstract painting. In the centre of the room, a camera stood facing directly at the bed. Open wide windows overlooking the night city. 
“Don’t worry, I just want to see what I’m working with. This will be a great reference when we do the real filming. Like a test shooting” 
He steps close behind me and whispered in my ear. “Don’t you want to show me what you got?”
I stared at the bed frozen in thought. I stood in the front of the camera a thousand time naked, shameless in what I do. But this felt different, I felt my stomach flutter. I walk over and sat on the edge of the bed. He came behind the camera and angled the lens down at me. 
“Take off your trousers and underwear. There lubricant on the bedside table.” 
I inhaled before I unbuckled and removed my jean altogether with my trunks. Completely bare naked, My cock sprang out rigid. He nods to me to continue. I noticed the red light on the camera was already filming. I got into acting mode. I sat on the edge of the bed. reach over to grab the lubricant. I hissed as I applied a huge amount on my cock. The slippery water-based lubricant coated and moist the hot pulsing flesh. I spread my legs wide apart to give him much coverage my cock. 
I groaned, jerking roughly the shaft. Giving him the fucking performance he wants. He stood behind the camera capturing every expression. His sliver eyes peered at me, smiling in sexual delight.

“Show me your primal sexy state”
“Like that” I moaned pumping my cock rapidly.
“go slower, stroke it like your show me how much you want me”
Oh, I see, he want me to show off my cock, to see me how I fuck myself.
I follow his instructions, decrease the paste, instead of gasping and jerking it, My slippy hand slide steadily along the shaft prolonging the erotic sensation. I used to jerk hard and fast until I cum. But Lucius was teaching me to slow down. His sliver glare watching me fuck myself was making me so hard. 
I burned up in stark arousal. Sweat trickled on my abdomen and neck. I rubbed the tip then down to the shaft, squeezing, rubbing till My cock swell up. Clear per cum leaking out of the cock tip, I apply more lubricant to make it wetter. The wetter the better.
“Put my figures in your mouth” he ordered. 
I lift my right hand and shoved two figures in my mouth and started sucking them. 
“so sexy” He snarl “keep sucking and jerking, that perfect”
From them, I wanted to close my eyes, but he told me to have my eyes remain on the camera. After a while, saliva forming dripping out of my mouth.

I’m getting close to coming!

My cock thickens, the skin darkens as I come to climax, ready to burst. I growled and cursed as I came, an explosion of thick creamy fluid shoot up in the air. I pulled out my figures and howl at the top of my lungs, my body soaked with sweat.
Lucius walks towards me, his reach down wipe of some the seamen and lick it. He grinned seductively down at me. Savouring the taste. 
I look directly at his groin, his trousers already wet, telling me he was turned too turned on. He steps closer, pressing his groin at my face. I knew instantly what he wanted me to do. so I unbuckled his belt and tug out his cock. Oh man, his cock was hard! Per cum dripping over the thick pink head, waiting for me to suck him off. 
He gripped his cock and pressed the tip between my lip, probing through till the first inches slide inside my mouth. 
“Don’t move your head” he muttered. He gripped my head, holding me in place and fucked my mouth steady rhythm. Per cum seeking the back of my throat. I hallowed my mouth to allow more room for his cock to slide easily without any discomfort. He hissed and rocked his hips. “That fucking mouth feels so good” 
I hummed in satisfaction. gripping on to his thighs, he coiled up and growl as his cock exploded inside my mouth. The thick warm fluid seeping down my throat. I swallowed it, drinking every load he pumped.
“Fuck” he breathed. He slides out. My mouth was full of his cum. I swallowed the rest and clean off the tip. 
I stared up at him. wishing for more. he was panting “Your such a good boy,” he said rubbing my face. 
“I bet you never felt this way before”
“No, sir. it was fucking amazing”
“We work will perfectly together, your everything I want”

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