BL Review: MADK by Ryo Suzuri Vol.1 | Sublime Manga | 43 Episode

MADK: Motsu (Guts), Akuma (Demon), Danshi (boy), Kokosei (highschooler)Story and Art by Ryo SuzuriEnglish Publication: Sublime MangaRated 18+ listen to the full review of MADK on my podcast I finally got MADK. I been talking about it for a while. I per ordered it a while back back since February but the released date hasContinue reading “BL Review: MADK by Ryo Suzuri Vol.1 | Sublime Manga | 43 Episode”

Manga Review: Punch Up! by Shiuko Kano

English Publication: Sublime Manga Art and story by Shiuko Kano Romance, Since of Life, drama, comedy Punch Up, it has everything I like, Interesting character, engaging storyline, and hot sex! Plus there are Cats I did not know what to expect from reading Punch Up. but from the first volume. I’m HOOKED! What I likedContinue reading “Manga Review: Punch Up! by Shiuko Kano”