BL Review: DEMON BF | OSPHRESIOLAGNIA | For The One whom I adore | Irodori Comic BL Doujinshi | Episode 22

Irodori comic and All these doujinshi mentioned are 18+ for mature viewers, not for anyone under 18. Since I did a review on BL Doujinshi on episode 19, I bought more Doujinshi from Irodori Comic site. Last episode 19, I explained what Irodori comic is and about Doujinshi work. I reviewed three BL Doujinshi manga.Continue reading “BL Review: DEMON BF | OSPHRESIOLAGNIA | For The One whom I adore | Irodori Comic BL Doujinshi | Episode 22”

Weekly Manga I read during the week: Episode 7

My weekly manga reads I read during the week. listen to my full review audio on my podcast on Spotify or Anchor. List of Mangas mentioned on this episode: :My Raw Love Life With A Demon by Yusatona   Jealousy Vol 1 by Scarlet Beriko Liquor and Cigarettes by Ranmaru Zariya  Other Manga genre: Toilet BoundContinue reading “Weekly Manga I read during the week: Episode 7”

BL Manga Review: Uemura is a Good Boy by Megane

Naughty Bois Uemura is a Good Boy is extremely smutty and good. I like characters who have a double side. Uemura is a very respectable student but on his own, Uemura has a naughty secret. He love to masturbate. He can’t help it. He feel slightly guilty of his self pleasuring past times. But hisContinue reading “BL Manga Review: Uemura is a Good Boy by Megane”

Fun Night At The Karaokekan: BL Manga

This manga is a very short, one shot manga. only 10 pages long of Takeshi and Satoshi love scene. this manga is from my short story ATTRACTION: Fun Night At The Karaokekan publish on Wattpad Also read my other manga Stay With Me Manga and CATBOY I would love to hear your feedback. And shareContinue reading “Fun Night At The Karaokekan: BL Manga”


This is my very first manga using Clip Studio Paint EX features back in 2018. experimenting different drawing style. very different drawing style to my current drawing style. Catboy look a bit different. i thinking of doing another chapter manga of Catboy. I’m so glad i decided to resume and complete this manga. i hopeContinue reading “CATBOY: BL Manga”

Virtual BL Convention Coming Soon- Fujo Con

Conventions might be cancelled but there alway a way to bring fans from around the world together and have fun! BL Gardens decided to host a online BL convention called Fujo Con. To give BL fans an opportunity to meet, get involve and have fun. I used to go to Comic Con in London andContinue reading “Virtual BL Convention Coming Soon- Fujo Con”

Hans x Dom – villager love – Animal crossing FanFiction – first Draft

I started to wrote my animal crossing FanFiction. This is the first chapter I drafted out. I was going to create a PDF file but it must easier to just publish the draft on my website. I think Dom and Has are cute together. I already drew the villagers in human form (check out myContinue reading “Hans x Dom – villager love – Animal crossing FanFiction – first Draft”